Monday, September 8, 2014

Haunted Design House Crimson Crimescene

Monday again so time for the new challenge at Haunted Design House, theme isCRIMSON CRIMESCENE - be inspired by Jack the Ripper, Manson, Gein, OJ Simpson, Black Dahlia,                                                 etc... Also must contain the color red in some way. 

I went for Jack the Ripper and his famous "Dear Boss" letter which was written in red ink, so I used the text as a background for a tag. I imagined Jack writing it on a desk with the light of some candles, his knife ready for the next "job" and bottles of blood and red ink on his workspace. So the Smeared Ink rubber stamp came in handy, the design is by Rick St, dennis.
I used red ink for the writing  (duh!!) and an old fashioned ink pen (which was not easy, have to dip it in the ink every few words aarrggg). 

Ok not a masterpiece, but this was just a "quick in a hurry" tag, my teamies in the Dungeon will have some more awesome inspiration for you, so hop on over if you dare........

Can't wait to see you in the challenge.

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  1. Brilliant tag, Mo! You captured the creepiness perfectly. Kudos to you using the old fashioned pen. Do you think he actually wrote in blood? xxD