Monday, June 29, 2015

Altered Palette

For de Stempelwinkel challenge  and for Dare to create part 3, I made this altered palette inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci. I am not really a painter so I
used the Big Leonardo Human stamp to make my "any artist inspired painting"  I hope painting backgrounds count as painting too :-)

See for more info bout the Dare to Create challenge here

Challenge theme  for de stempelwinkel is men, and this obviously is one LOL

Deco Art products used: Americana Acrylic Gesso, Weathered Wood Crackle medium, Americana Acrylics in Bahama Blue and Lamp Black, Dazzling metallics in Venetian Gold, Media Fluids in Burnt Sienna and Paynes Grey. metallic Lustres in Iced Expresso Copper Kettle and Gold Rush
 Deco Art Stencil old french Scipt.  Matte Varnish

 lots of pics
 I used a wooden painter Palette and some paintbrushes
 All dies used are  Tim Holtz Alterations (sizzix)

 Look an 1 euro coin (lol)

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Monday, June 15, 2015

June bugs the Finnabair way

For the challenge June bugs at Haunted Design House it was my turn to make an inspiration project, it had to have bugs, gems and be scary ofcourse (read all the rules, see the winners and other inspiration, and enter the challenge here), can;t wait to see what you all come up with

So here it is a Finnabair inspired alterd tray, well the back of the tray is the part that got turned into a canvas :-)

The digital image is a digi by Rick St. dennis specially made for these kind of projects, you can find her here, this pretty lady is called Countess Von Finnbair .

Deco Art products used:
Americana Acrylic Gesso , Modeling Paste and Americana Acrylic in Lamp black.  Media Fluid Acrylics Interference paints in the colors: Violet, Gold, Turquoise, Blue, Magenta and Green. Andy Skinner stencils: Shedded and Snake's web. Metallic lustres in : Silver Spark, Majestic Purple, Elegant Emerald, Cosmic Blue. Glamour Dust Glitter paint in Black Ice

you will also need  a wooden tray, plastic bugs and some dies: Tim Holtz; Gadget Gears and Tatered florals, Graveyard and a movers and shapers Bat. The web is from Memory Box

I started by colouring the image, I used Prismacolor pencils ( the 75 yrs anniversary set, it has the 50 most popular colours in it so a bit different than the 150 I was used too, but turns out 50 is enough lol)

So just colour up the Countess and cut her out, the big bold head will be covered with all kinds of stuff sooo just have fun with this
Meanwhile I had gessoed the back of the wooden tray and used the stencils and modeling paste to create some texture. (tip  make a mask the shape of the head so that part of the canvas gets no modeling paste on it, makes it easier to glue the image on)

Let dry.

Next paint everything black, (you can also use black gesso and black modeling paste both also by Deco Art). the trick with the interference paints is that they show up much better on a dark background so that is why I painted everything black ( all bugs and stuff that is glued to the head was also gessoed and painte black first)

So now it is time to go crzy with the interference paints, they are like magic, shake the bottle and put a bit on a pallete, and you will see no matter which colour you take, what comes out of the bottle is white and you see a shine in the colour that is on the bottle. When you paint this over (dry) black paint the colour comes out and the shine, soo much fun.

 just add the different colurs randomly, if you dont like the result, use black paint to cover, let dry and start over :-)

Next is is time to collect emmbelishments, I used die cuts and some keys, bugs light bulps , skulls and Skellie hands, charms, flowers anythingnyou like, I painted everything before glueing it on.

the spiderwebs in the cormer are made from black cardstock covered with Metallic Lustre in different colours. I used soem Silvdr to adde to the gears and the flowers (made of die cuts and embossed before painting them, to give them a metal look, I used the sizzix embossing folders diamond plate and riveted metal)

Glue the head in the on the canvas and make a nice composition with all embellies, (take a pic with your phone, so you now where you have put everything and start glueing)

Hope you like the result,

BTW check out the RSD fb group Rick is asking for your ideas for rubber stamps, so all input is welcome, if you would like to see Rick's darker images as a rubber stamp please go here and let him know what you are interested in.

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Friday, June 12, 2015

de Bokkerijder

The first time I heard of the legend of the bokkerijders (Buckriders) I was 9 or 10 and I read about them in a comic book called Suske and Wiske. (yah Dutch so I don't a lot of readers will know about it). Anyway Buckriders are thiefs they made a pact with the devil and they rode on flying goats through the sky. (read about it here)

A few years later an attraction in the Efteling was based on this legend (see here),

In Zuid Limburg (the most southern part of the Netherlands, the part that sticks out between Belgium and Germany) are some monuments to rembember the people that were believed to be Bokkerijders and  were executed ( a lot like witch hunts),  There is some more info here, sorry in Dutch but maybe Google translate can help out if you are interested.

Sooo I asked Rick if he could draw a Bokkerijder and he did. I think it turned out awesome and has some nice Dutch style houses, which look inspired by Anton Pieck (he designed the Efteling and has some awesome darker images), so I tried to colour it in the style Anton Pieck would do, I love his drawings of night time scenes, I love the colours he uses to ge a bit gloomy athmosphere in his work.

Sorry for the long story, thought to explain a bit bout this image and the why I used the colours I used :-)

The background is made using the Gelliplate the paint used is Americana Acrylic paint by Deco Art (colours used:True blue, Red Alert, Titanium White, Lavender and Lilac)  The quote is written using Glass Paint markers in White and Black). The image is called "de Bokkerijder"and can be found here, also check out the awesome new skulls in Zibbehere and here  , If you are looking for a fathersday image, the new "Blokes"images are perfect

here a closer look at the image, it's coloured using Faber Castell Polychromos

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Skull aprreciation day blog hop

Glad to join again this year in the Skull appreciation day bloghop, what better way to show the skull some appreciation by making it a shrine.
I will tell you how I made it, and you will find the blogroll below:
Stamps used "carpe diem" from de stempelwinkel

First the supply list
Deco Art products used: Texture Fierro in Green Gold, Americana Gesso, Weathered wood, Americana Acrylics in Electric Pink, Indian Turquoise, Sand, Dazling Metallics in Emperors Gold.  Media Fluid Acrylics in English Red Oxide and Transparent Red oxide. Traditions Acrylic in  Carbon Black, Media Texture Sand Paste. Media Interference in Turquoise and Violet. Varnish 
Chocolat Skull mold, and molding plaster. Tim Holtz die Tombstone. Some paper roses and distress ink in Walnut Stain. A cross charm and beads. A small picture frame and some Rhinetones

First use the mold and molding plaster to make the skulls, I made the molding plaster thin enough that the airbubbles could be tapped out. Let dry completly.

Meanwhile die cut the tombstone from cardboard, 5 layers, 3 thick , 2 thinner.
Glue 4 layers on top of eachother make sure the thin one is on top, save one thin one for the back , paint that gold (first gesso all the parts) when gold paint is dry add weathered wood and let dry

Use the inside of the frame (remove the back with the stand and save that, you will need that later) to draw the inside size of the frame on the cardstock and use a craft knife to cut that part out.
Next use the textre fierro to cover the cardboard on all sides (not the back) let dry.

  Meanwhile paint the frame (grey, mine was allready grey) and apply some texture sand.
When Texture sand is dry apply the media fluids to create a rusty look.
 The back part of the thomb that was painted gold and add a layer of black over the weathered wood.
When drie glue to the back of the tombstone so the painted side shows through the whole
Use some black paint to accent some of the lifted parts of the frame and the tombstone.
 Glue the frame on the front of the tombstone and add interfearance fluids to the tombstone and the frame to give it a nice shine.

 Take the paper roses and add some walnut stain distress ink and put ome Gloss Varnish over them (careful use thng layers) to give them a faux porcelain look.

Remove the skulls from the mold (I left them to dry overnight) and paint it Sand colours next paint a sugar skull design on, using small paintbrush and Electric pink Indian Turquoise and Carbon black paint

when done painting protect the skull with gloss varnish, I did 2 layers. When dry add the rhinestones in the eyes and  underneath the cross. Glue the skull in the shrine and glue the roses to the shrine.

Use the beads to make a Rosary {how to here )  and decorate the shrine with the Rodary.

hope you like it, here the blogroll for the rest of the hop, have fun hopping and thnks for commenting

I will enter the following challenges:   the shrine is made using the Tim Holtz Headstone die, die cuted 5 times , glued together and had the middle part cut out.

Monday, June 1, 2015

RSD progressive challenge part 2

Todau starts the new challenge at Sparkle and Glitter, part 2 of the Rick St.dennis Progressive challenge. The part 2 challenge always has a free image to be used. Everyone that has entered part 1 can get one, see for details the Sparkle and Glitter blog. If you did not play in part one you can buy it here

I used Mr Tea without the sentiment and made a Tea bag holder

DECO ART products used :  Decou Page Matte, Triple Thick Gloss Glaze, Glamour Dust glitter paint in Black Ice and Sizzling Red.
Deco art Media products: Crackle paste, Fluid acrylics in Cobalt Turquoise Hue and Raw Umber.
Americana Gesso, Traditions Acrylic in ultramarine blue.

The tea bag holder is a wooden do it yourself package, so I glued it together and gessoed it. Next was a layer of ulramarine blue to show up in the cracks. Next I addded crackle paste and when dry I used the Cobalt Turquoise Hue to paint it. When dry I added a glaze of Raw Umber Media Fluid to age it a bit.
I coloured Mr Tea using my Polychromos and cut him out. Decou pages him on the teapot and tried to get the cracks in the image (did not work out as planned). When the Decou Page was dry I added 2 more layers to seal it. Left it to dry and added the card symbols using glitter paint. Wrote a senti on the back of the teapot and finished the piece with 2 layers of Triple Thick Gloss Glaze for both protection and shine.

Hope to see you in the challenge

i will enter the following challenges