Thursday, February 28, 2013

GDT Moving along with the times

Rick St. Dennis MFA is sponsoring this challenge at Moving along with the times, theme is Lovely Ladies, and I made a tag using a lovely ghostly lady "Drusilla the covent garden ghost",  the rubber stamps in the back ground are all from de stempelwinkel

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Alice in Wonderland card

I made this card for cards in envy challlenge Polkadots and / or stripes.

I'ts got polkadots, no bulky embellishments and it fits in an envelope for regular first class postage, was a bit of a challenge, but it worked and i like how it turned out.

I used Rick St. Dennis MFA new Alice digi set which are on a special sale for a limited time here, you can see a better pic of all the coloured images here

here is my (un) birthdaycard

 to send the card, just close it with the ribbon and it will fit in normal size envelope
I will enter this card in the following chalenges the polka dot paper is pink, color looks more red in pic, couldn't take a better pic without daylight

Monday, February 25, 2013

Alice's Tea Party

this was such a fun project to make, I had thought of making a teabag book,  a mini book with pockets that hold tea bags, and told Rick about it, and he had the awesome idea to make it an Alice in Wonderland Teabag book.  He drew al lot of new Alice images for it.  In total there are 16 Alice Randi Dandi images in the book, and most of them are new. There will be a how to at the end of this post, and there are a lot of pics in it, so enjoy.

all the tea bags that are in the book, aren't these the coolest tea bags ever?

the front cover of the book

the book closes with a ribbon

here you can see the pockets with the tea bags in it

the inside of the book

the back cover

a closer look at all the Rick St. Dennis MFA Images used,
Check out Rick's blog cause there is a special sale for these images

 Colouring these was a bit challenging cause I have printed them real small, most of the images are printed at 2 inches, some a little bit bigger

Here is how to make the book

You will need:
 6 pieces of paper size: 16 cm wide  x 8,5 cm high (6,3 inches x 3,3 inches)

score at 8 cm (3,1 inch)
and fold

then you need 7 pieces of paper from 3 cm wide x 8,5 cm high (1,2" x 3,3")
we are going to use these to bind the book

score at 1,5 cm (0,6 ") and fold

use double sided tape to make pockets of the 6 pages, see below

they should look like this

use a 1,5" circle punch to puch out half circles, to make it easier to slide the tea bag sleeves in and out of the pockets

I inked all the edges and the surface of the paper to give it a bit of a vintage look

attache the small strips of paper to the side of the pocket that is closed with the double sided tape, so folded end is going to bee the side that is visable at the open side of the book.(use liquid glued so you can move it a bit to make things straight) see pic
then add another page to the other side of the strip

do this to all pages see pics

the last to strips are going to have the covers on them, it should look like this

for the covers you need 2 pieces of cardboard of 8,5 cm wide  x 9 cm high (3,1" x 3,5")

to cover the cardboard use a piece of paterend paper that is a bit bigger than the cardboard see pic

glue the cardboad in the center of the backside of the paterned paper and cut of the corners, like pic below

 score and fold the edges over and glue to card see pic

use double sided tape to attache the ribbon that is going to close the book, make sure it's long enough to tie a bow.

glue a piece of patterned paper on the inside part of the cover, over the ribbon, like this

glue both covers to the remaing strips that bind the book
aline the covers on the backside of the book to the strip, it you donn't do this you will have problems opening the book.
put a strip of patterne paper over the back, to give it a more finished look
see pics below, I also tied a ribbon

I will enter this tea bag book in the following challenges