Sunday, November 30, 2014

cool heat gun

My heat gun was covered in paint spatter, inks, mists and not nice and clean looking

I was working with the Deco Art Media misters and some or it got on my heat gun a few weeks ago. Seemed it was gonna be on there foreve eventhough plastic is not the first you think of using the misters.

So I thought to just give it a try,

Looks pretty cool huh?

if you want to try this, unplug the heatgun, mist a basecoat of the  Americana sealer/ finisher let dry and take out the Americana Media Misters out and spray away.

Let dry overnight, make sure it is really dry before you switch the heatgun on again. To prodtect the paint spray another layer of Sealer . Finisher (let dry before starting the heatgun again)

I've used mine a lot since painted and it the paint is still in good condition, no problems with the heat.  If you do this you will probably have a warranty problem so think about that first before you get your misters out.  People have been asking me if Dylussions also work, I haven't tried, but since they are more translucent and have are totally different from the Deco Art Media misters I don't think it will work.

 colours used

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Atlantis Tray

 I altered a tray

 the image used is a digi called Atlantide by Rick St. dennis,

Deco Art products used: Americana Acrylics in: Navy Blue, Blue Chiffon, Purple Pizzaz, Crimson tide, Safron Yellow, Sea Breeze. Metallic Lustres in:  Champange Ice, Orange Flicker, Cosmic Blue, Fab Fuchsia. Antiquing Cream  Carbon Black, Acrlic Gesso, Weathered Wood Crackle Medium, Texture Crackle. Elegant Finish Metallic paint in Emperor's Gold. Dura Clear Matte Varnish.
Americana DecouPage.

The tray was gessoed, and painted emperors Gold, the edges got a layer of texture crackle the middle has a layer of Weathered Wood, the edges were painted in sea breeze, purple pizzazz anf blue chiffon,
The middle got a top coat of navy blue, when dry the squares were made using a sponge cut into squares and sorta stamped the different colours American Acrylics. The gears are black cardstock and they all have a layer of metallic lustre in different colours. The painting was ages using Antiquing Cream.

The digi was coloured and cut out, and glued to the tray using DecouPage the gears are also decopaged.  To protect the tray it has a layer of Matte varnish

I will enter the following challenges

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Í thought to make a shadowbox using all kinds of packages I saved from trash, so have been recycling big time, here the result

What you need:
 DECO ART Products used:
Americana Acrylics in Red Iron Oxide, Blue Chiffon, Lamp black, Sea Breeze, Nuetral grey
American acrylic Gesso, Texture Crackle, Weathered Wood crackle medium, Triple thick Gloss Glaze. Elegant Finish metallic paint in Medieval Gold.
Deco Art Media : Texture Sand,  Media Fluid Acrylics in Viridian, Ultramarine Blue, Quinacridone Gold, Cobalt turquoise hue. Antiquing Cream in Carbon Black.
Dazzling Metallics in Moss Pearl, Amethyst, Shimmering Silver.
Paper effects in Metallic copper and Metallic Lustre in  Iced Espresso

you also need a box like this, this is a typical Dutch Chocolate treat only available in shops When Sinterklaas is in the country (well a few weeks before he gets here you can find them in shops). It;s called a chocolate letter and thi one is by Droste cuz they have the cool package that looks a bit like a book allready. Anyway it was a good excuse to eat the chocolate.

You also need stamps, this is the rubber stamp set designed by Rick St.dennis called Morte, it's available at Smeared Ink.

and you need some Alteration dies from Sizzix /Tim Holtz. I used frozen pizza boxes and the backs of notepads to die cut all things in the book and on the cover. For the bell jar I used acetate from a clear stamp package. I also used a piece of leatherlook carstock for the back and the spine of the book and a piece of burlap. And a sheet of cork paper.

First Gesso the book box , and have som chocolate while you are gessoing, wait till gesso dries (eat more chocolate when waiting, makes it less hard )

Die cut all shapes needed and also Gesso and let Dry.

The front and inside of the bookbox I wanted a crackle look on those, the best ways to show the cracks is to have a dark base that shines through the cracks, so paint the whole box black and every die cut you want to give a crackled look has to be painted black too (there is a song bout painting black, you are allowed to sing it while painting)

While the black is drying, start painting all the parts you want to have a rusty look grey.

when black paint is dry add the texture crackle to the front cover of the box, and the vintage cabinet card. The inside of the book needs a layer of weathered wood, but let the front cover dry and crackle first. set box aside to let the weathered wood dry.

for the rusty parts, add a little texture sand, let dry and create the rust colour by using   Media fluid acrylics in Quinacridone Gold, Cobalt turquoise hue. Antiquing Cream in Carbon Black.

Or Americana Acrylic Iron Oxide and lamp black, I did both versions of rust on the different parts just to see if it would get the same result, it does more or less :-)

The crackle texture should be dry by now so start painting it it the colour you want

The front of the book is Media fluid acrylics in Quinacridone Gold, Cobalt turquoise hue. Antiquing Cream in Carbon Black.

The vintage cabinet card is painted using  Media Fluid Acrylics in Viridianm, Ultramarine Blue and finished with some Antiquing Cream in Carbon Black.

When the outside of the box is dry,paint the top layer over the weathered wood on the inside, I used a mixture of Blue Chiffon, Sea Breeze, Nuetral grey when dry I used a wash of Lamp black to tone it down a bit

the bottles are painted Dazzling Metallics in Moss Pearl, Amethyst, Shimmering Silver.

the crackle on the bottles is a stamp by Lost coast designs, when dry add a layer of tripple thick gloss glaze, to make them look like glass (I did 2 layers). Let dry and stamp the names on the bottles (clear stamps by House of Three, the halloween set)

 stamp the  skulls on the inside of the cover when paint is dry, stamp the vintage cabinet card and colour using pencils. Stamp the skull with candle on a piece of cardstock, colour and cut out.

Glue all parts together and  attache them inside the box
 the die cut on the inside cover is embossed first before painting using a Tim Holtz embossing folder

 cover the bakc of the book with the leather look cardstock and age it using distress ink (walnut stain and vintage photo) , make the sides of the book lool like pages using Elegant Finish metallic paint in Medieval Gold with an almost dry brush

 add some metallic lustre here and there to finish the book

   It neede a title and I got inspired by Project this is Project Death
title written with Paper effects in Metallic copper

 that's it :-)

I will enter the following challenges let's just say I took the theme a bit literally LOL

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Rick's progressive challenge reminder

HI all, if you haven't entered allreday in the RSD progresive challenge,  no worries you still have time to do so. Check out the details here, it's easy theme is anything goes and everyone will be a winner in this one because entering the challenge will get you a free image specially drawn by Rick for the challenge of December.

here my make, an AJ page using Deco Art Media Misters and a Rick St. dennis dig called Owls

you can link your entry here  and go check the inspiration project my teamies made here