Saturday, June 29, 2013


I have een making some art journal pages, I did 3 today, 2 I can't show you yet, that will be next week. But the third I can show you. The image used is called "undertaker" a Rick St. Dennis digi.

The back ground is made using a gelli plate, I am still figuring out how this works best, not sure if the gelli plate and me will become best friends.

anyway here it is

i will enter the following challenges


Friday, June 28, 2013

How to creepyfy a cute image ;-)

Glo chalenged me to creepyfy this cute image, for the whole story see Airless Chambers

 the image used is  "Cat Nap" ( a Rick St. Dennis Digi) here a pic of the card that made Glo challenge me and Alison.

here is my version
I will enter this in the folowing challenges
and   i used 1 card base, 2 layers, 2 digi's, 1 glitter glue to make dripping and letters, 7 gems

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

smeared Ink Design Team Challenge # 6 Dance Macabre

yay time to enter the Design Team Throwdown challenge organised by Smeared Ink.

Although the challenge theme was ours cause we were the lucky winners (if you voted for us, thanks very much), it was still a bit hard to come up with something.

For this challenge I made a jewel box,  the kind of box that has a cute little ballet dancer on top that twirls arround and has a little music box inside. Of course the ballet dancer has a pink tutu  with glittery Jewels and a little crown on her head. and it will all be sweet and girlish.................

Uh......  well.... almost right.........................

There is a pink ballet dancer twirling around, there is a tutu, glitter and a little crown  , just take a closer look and you will see this totally fits the Dance Macabre theme.   Lot's of pics and some explaing further in this post.


The ballet dancer is a Rick St. Dennis Digi

the heart is clip art found on the net, printed 3 times, coloured, cut out  and covered with glossy accents then layered to get more dimension.

the mirror is made of alluminum foil and cardboard

there is some trim around the edges of the mirror and the drawers

the tutu is made of tulle, it was white and I used distress ink to make it pink

to age the mirror I crumpled the foil made it flat again and used alcohol ink

here a closer look of the side of the chest of drawers, it took a lot of layers and different colours of paint, crackle medium and sanding to make it look old.
I got some aging tips from Rick.

a better look of the sparkles on the tutu, hard to see on a pic

and finally the back of the chest of drawers, here you can see the different paint layers better.

O almost forgot, here a pic of what the chest of drawes looked like before I got my hands on it

Go and check out the awesome projects made by my teamies, Miranda and Suzi on Airless Chambers and on their bloggies.
And don't forget to vote for your favorite project here

Saturday, June 22, 2013

awwww sooooo cute........

Today i made a card using the cutest image ever..........

It does remind me of my son when he was a baby, he used to sleep the same way, knees tucked up under his belly, and his little but in the air, no cats allowed in his bedroom though. So leave the cats out and it is Dylan sleeping when he was a baby (I am so lucky he doesn't read  my blog, he would hate it when he knew I wrote this LOL)

The image is a Rick St. Dennis digi and it's called Cat nap, here is my little card

Now there is a little catch though..........................................
This is sooo sweet it will crack the enamel on your teeth,  and I am not the only one that had that problem.  Maybe some of you saw the discussion on face book when Rick introduced thie image.   If you didn't , there was some talk about creepyfying this and it ended by Glo challenging Alison and me to creep the kid up.
Results will be shown Friday june 28th on Airless Chambers, so if you are curious, just check Friday's blogpost on AC
I will enter the following challenges

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Pia and Leah

Remember Rick's Randi Dandi images, they are now for sale at I Brake for Stamps, see all info here

there are some new ones too and these two pretty ladies are 2 of the new Randi Dandi's, meet Pia and Leah

i will enter the following challenges

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Snakewoman as the Star

Another Tarot card of the major acrcana, the Star, meaning can be found on the internet, this is just a quick post to show you.

For this card I used another awesome Rick St. Dennis image, she 's called Snakewoman.

Some of you have been asking how I coloured this Snakewoman, so first the card and then my I pod pics so you can see step by step.  I usedCaran d' ache Luminance 6901 pencils, odourless whitespirit and paperstump.

here are my i pod pics

the plan was to make the body blue and the snake tail purple, and then suddenly there was orange in the tail, cause the blue and purple looked boring to me LOL

then came the point I had to think how to solve this, cause if there's orange in the tail, there should be some in the body too (dunno why, it just has to be)
so made the orange a bit more bright at the bottom of the tail

and then started to fill the white high lighted spots with orange, carefully not to dark

 then she looked like this and I thought "under water look" LOL

and then I didn't know where things were going, so i put it aside and just let it be over night, thinking it needed more purple, cause of the purple in the tail
so next day after work I added more purple  to the body and the face

made the tail a bit 
darker and gave her some eyeshadow

made the face a bit lighter cause I thought it was to dark and didn't like it

coloured the "clothes" and hat

coloured the jewels and the snakes, eyes and lips
made some last changes, some things a bit darker , some things a bit lighter, hard to see I guess
 so for the ones who think I know what I am doing, sorry, I just colour till I like the result, LOL

I will enter this in the following challenges  i know this is not a tag, but I was inspired by the colours of the tag, I used distress ink in the background and stickles,

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Skull appreciation day

June 4 th is international skull appreciation day, see info here.

At Smeared Ink this is cellabrated by a blog hop, the coolest ever LOL

The blog roll in below in this post.

I made something i had planned to make for some time now, but I didn;t know where to start and it involved a lot of cutting with a craft knife.  Craft knives and me is not a very safe combination, but project is finished and I still got all my fingers.

I altered a book, the book was new and it had to be aged, i wasn't sure where to begin and Rick was so kind to email me some instructions.

I needed sanding paper, gesso and  acrylic paint colour names were in the email and I could start.

it was fun to do and I like the way it came out, inside the book i carved a hole to put the skull in. The skull ( which is a RSD image BTW, it can be found in the Skull part of Rick's Etsy)image is fussy cutted several times to make it 3 d and has crackle on it. I found a senti on the internet and added some stamps and embellies and voila

and the inside

The skull is a Rick St. Dennis image, get yours here
check our the RSD rubber skull stamps here

Hope you like my book, here is the blog roll

enjoy the rest of the hop
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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Carnavale masque

This is one of Rick st. Dennis MFA new mask images and they are so awesome. It was so much fun colouring this one, the fussy cutting was a lot of work, but I think the result is so worth it.

The card is really simple but I think the image doesn't need a lot of embellishments on the card, so I kept it simple and let the image do the work on it's own LOL

here it is

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Tarot cards

Some of you might know that I collect Tarot cards, and cause I used some on the altered chess piece, the idea came to mind to make my own. Now 78 cards is a bit too much maybe so I thought to start out with the Major Arcana, that are only 22 cards LOL

I just started with the cards that I like the most at the moment, The magician, The Hanged Man and The Fool.

Now my cards turned out pretty big so they can't be used but I like them as decoration anyway

I would like to enter the Hanged Man in the Haunted Design House challenge Hangmans Handiwork.

ok here they are
the Hanged Man, it's not as scary as it seems, it gives you the opportunity to look at things from a different point of view.
the hanged mand it here in  his own free will, taking time to reflect and to learn from his mistakes. 
so nothing scary here LOL

In readings, the Hanged Man reminds us that the best approach to a problem is not always the most obvious. When we most want to force our will on someone, that is when we should release. When we most want to have our own way, that is when we should sacrifice. When we most want to act, that is when we should wait. The irony is that by making these contradictory moves, we find what we are looking for

The skull and bone are Rick St. Dennis images, the flowes are clearstamps by Viva Decor, the hanged man is a rubber art doll stamp, but don't know the brand

The Fool, the funniest card of all
The Fool  represents the complete faith that life is good and worthy of trust. Some might call the Fool too innocent, but his innocence sustains him and brings him joy. In readings, the Fool can signal a new beginning or change of direction - one that will guide you onto a path of adventure, wonder and personal growth. He also reminds you to keep your faith and trust your natural responses. If you are facing a decision or moment of doubt, the Fool tells you to believe in yourself and follow your heart no matter how crazy or foolish your impulses may seem

The voodoo skull man I used as the fool is the RSD june freebie, you can find him here

The magician
This image is what started the idea it just shouted magician to me (That is the stange thing about Rick's images, they seem to talk to you, and some of them even shout LOL), this is also an Rick St, Dennis image and it's called the entity.

In a reading, the Magician implies that the primal forces of creativity are yours if you can claim your power and act with awareness and concentration. This card is a signal to act and act now, provided you understand exactly what you want and are committed to getting it.

this is Gandalf, but he will be the Hermit soon

In readings, the Hermit often suggests a need for time alone - a period of reflection when distractions are limited. In times of action and high energy, he stands for the still center that must be created for balance. He can also indicate that withdrawal or retreat is advised for the moment. In addition, the Hermit can represent seeking of all kinds, especially for deeper understanding or the truth of a situation. "Seek, and ye shall find," we have been told, and so the Hermit stands for guidance as well. We can receive help from wise teachers, and, in turn, help others as we progress.

The fun part is that I just started to make the cards, starting with the magician, then the hanged man and the fool, and I did not look at the meaning (copy pasted from the net) of the cards, I just picked the ones that I was atracted to the most, and I am not a big believer in fortune telling, I never read any of the tarot decks in my collection.
They are just nice to look at to me. But the meaning of these cards sounds sort of  where i am in life now. Coincidence,....... I don't know.  We will see LOL

I will enter the magician in the following challenges  (i hope making your own playing cards count, cause i didn't really alter them)

RSD Freebie time again

It's the first saturday of the month again and that means freebies on both  other Rick St. Dennis blogs.
on Sparkle and Glitter you will find the gorgeous Desdemona  and on the darker Airless chambers blog you will find a funny running skull man.

This month there will also be a contest on both blogs, you can win digi prizes using the freebie images, see details on both blogs

I have coloured them both and made cards out of them, but to show you how I coloured Desdemona I have taken pics along the way.

First a pic of the skull man

and here is Desdemona

I always use my Caran d'ache pencils to colour, and odourless whitespirit and a paperstump to blend the colours, colouring takes longer this way then using markers, but I love the softer look more than the brighter colours of markers. I know some people can do wonders using markers but I just stick to my pencils LOL

When you use pencils to colour, always start with the lightest colour and then start colouring from light to dark. I always start with the skin.
Now these pics are from my I pod so not the best quality but I have the strange habit of taking pics a long the way so i can look  at them to see how the colours turn out and where there needs to be some change. The handy part is you can zoom in to spots and can get very detailed that way. 

so here we go Pic 1 the skin
I have used 3 different skin coloured pencils, start with the lightes colour to colour whole skin and then use both darker colours to add shades

Next is the hair,  I used 5 colours for the hair, Yellow, orange, red, light brown, and  a very dark red/brown colour, work the same way as the skin light to dark for the shades

next pic the clothes and jewels, the red is the last colour I use to prefend smudging it in the other colours. Leave some white to add sparkle to the jewels. I don't use a white pencil or gelpen I just use the white of the paper, so be careful when blending that the white stays white

 This step is the hardest part for me, the make up, eye shadow, eyeliner, blush, and lipstick,

 The eyeshadow, just follow the way Rick has drawn that, you can see where it's supposed to be dark and light and fade the colour to the eyebrow

 (for the eyeliner i use a pencil with a very sharp point to get a thin line you can control.
Blush circular motion (but I alway stuggle with them, tryin to get them even and try not to make her look like a clown LOL)

the lips are the easiest part of the make up, again leave some white for the gloss

then I added some extrashades to the skin, but very hard to see on this pic

and the final pic the background, just choose a a colours and use  a light and dark shade of the colour to make a shadow and create depth,

Now this is just my way of colouring and I like how she turned out, but i am sure it's not perfect LOL
I just thought to show you my funny habit pics