Sunday, November 1, 2015

RSD progressive challenge part 1 november

New challenge starts again today at the Sparkle and Glitter blog, theme is Anything goes, if you join part 1 you will be provided whti n image to use in part 2 of the challenge that starts in december

I made an Art Journal page using Happy Clown Andy a Rick St.dennis digital image.
Deco Art products used : Acrylic Gesso, Media misters in Primary Magenta. Shimmer misters in Yellow and Turquoise. Traditions Acrylic paint in opaque white and a glass paint marker in black

frst I gessoed the page and when gesso was dry I usde a water mister to wet the page, next I used the media misters to get the ink to mix and run a bit.  You can't see the shimmer in the pics but it is deffo there.
Next used paint to get the circles on (used a mask) and wrote the quote by Charlie Chaplin

can't wait to see your entries here