Monday, August 18, 2014

HDH challenge Ferocious Furballs

Hi all, back in the Dungeon again, have to get used to the dark, cold and damp again after my time in sunny California.  Time for some more inspiration for the Ferocious Furballs challenge.

I bought an awesome leatherbound journal and started working in it, :-)

Not a very scary page, promise it will get better when I am my old dark self again, hope you  enjoy it anyway.

It's a bit hard to take a picture, cuz the journal doesn't want to stay open, this was the best I could do. The raven is a Lost Coast design rubber stamp, the others are clear stamps, sorry don't know which brand.  The background is Distress ink and Dylussions spray inks..

The quote is by Alan Watt.  Hoping to see your entries at Haunted Design House and check the rest of  the Minion inspiration there

I will enter this  page in the following challenges

here a pic of my journal, love it,

and the first page, Yah sorry another bad pic

I will enter this  page in the following challenges

colouring some new images

Lucky me got the most awesome box of 150 Prismacolor pencils in the USA, so when I got home I just had to try them imediately, here some pics

This is the first try out, using one of Rick St.dennis Shady lady "Oh no she don't digital stamps, you can find her here"at Zibbet

Next one was Miss Midnight 's Flirty feathers, als a Rick St.dennis shady lady.  I loved coloring her hair :-)

Rick has added a lot of new images to Etsy and Zibbet and I coloured two of them, they are Creepmas images, but I thought they were so much fun, I just had to have a go

meet Iceplug Pottersnatch 

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Mermaid canvas

Hi all, I am back again.

I started this canvas early May, but some tings got in the way so I could only finish it just before I let for the USA. I had planned to do a tutorial about this and I did make pics along the way.......but .....somehow I lost a part of the pics.

so I will try to talk you throught the part where pics are missing, sorry

Deco Art products used:  Elegant Finish Metallic Glaze (in Medieval Gold and Old World Patina)
Weatehered Wood Crackle Medium, Texture Fierro in Green Gold, Decoupage Matte, Americana Acrylic paints in colours: Driftwood , Antique Mauve and Colonial Green. Metallic Lustres in colours: Gold Rush and Iced Espresso. I also used Acrylic Gesso to prepare the canvas for painting. And a Matte Varnish.

The digital image used is Aquarella, by Rick St.dennis. for embellishments I used shells, drift wood some pearl beads and a net. You will also need paper towels.

First Gesso the canvas, while drying start colouring the image, I usually use the drying time in between paint layers to do some colouring.

When gesso has dried paint the canvas gold using the Elegant Finish Metallic Glaze, you may need multiple layers .Let dry in between. When  dry apply a layer of Weathered Wood Crackle medium, let dry.

take the 3 colours Americana acrylics and put some paint on a craftsheet. Take some papertowel and make a puff.
Now it's gonna get messy lol,  dabb the papertowel puff in the paint, while doing this turn the puff a bit so paint will be a bit mixed, but careful not to make mudd. Then immediately dabb to the canvas and keep turning the puff while dabbing. You might want to practise this on a scrap piece of paper. You want to create a marble like look. Change papertowel puffs if the paint will get to much to be one colour. See pic below, that is the result you want. Work fast because if you over do the paint the weathered wood won't work.

Let dry and let the crackle start, when the canvas has dried you have a marble look finish, with cracks, throught the cracks you will see some gold. Protect it with a layer of matte varnish

From here the pics are missing, but next step is easy. Paint you embellishments to match the canvas, using the Elegant Finish Metallic Glazes and the paint. Let dry .

cut the digi out and glue it to the canvas

Take the Texture Fierro and a palette knife to apply it round the edges of the canvas to create a frame, don't forget the edges of the canvas. Let it dry and crack. Add some Metallic Lustres to some of the raised areas.

glue the embellishments in place (try to put the net in between, under and over some of the embellishments), for the loose ends of the net, use Decoupage Matte on the net to make sure it stays where you want it. Let dry.

when theDecoupage Matte and glue  is dry turn the canvas around so the backside ist up, Attache the remaining loose ends of the net on the back of the canvas using Decoupage Matte or glue. Let it dry and you are done.

I will enter this in the folowing challenges  mermaids are a fish aren't they, well partly anyway