Saturday, August 31, 2013

Some Halloween treats (or tricks)

I am into Halloween allready, cause I am preparing for the 31 days and because it is my fav part of the year (I so live in the wrong country, not much halloweening here)

I have been playing with Deco Arts Glamour Dust glitter paint in neon colours, I just love neon colours and these also have glitter, what else could you want for Halloween :-) And ofcourse my new Rick St. Dennis Halloween rubber stamps from I Brake for Stamps, cause for some projects you just got to have rubber.

There are two projects to show you cause of the two RSD blogs, Airless Chambers and Sparkle and Glitter, so there is one cutsey project and one a bit more scary. I will show you the pics first and then give you all the details

ok  the pics, my Sparkle and Glitter Project is a candle holder made of an old cd case (how to below)

and my Airless Chambers tag

The tag is hand cut from a piece of cardboard, I alway like to use that when I use paint (gesso it first), the colours used are : Deco Art americana acrylic paint in: Spiced Pumpkin (DA310), Purple Pizzazz (love that name lol) (DA302), Hauser Light  green (DA302) and a little bit of Dazzling Metallics shimmering silver (DA070). The cracks are made using Weatered Wood Crackle medium.(base coat spiced pumpkin and Hauser light green, top coat Purple pizzazz)  The rubber stamp use is Skelly Tonn it's a RSD image available at IBFS
The bow is a piece of jute, I spray inked it red, the bones are from a plastic skelly and I used a bit of Hause light green and the silver to match them with the tag. there 's an ace of a normal card deck and some staples to attache it.
The barbed wire is home made (lot of work to make, so i only do small pieces LOL) and added a little skully charm to finish. The ribbon has been melted using my heat gun and that's  it.
Now the how to for the cd case candle holder, it's easy
supply list
old CD case (not a slim one but a good old thick one)
Archival or Stazon ink in black
Rubber stamp I used  an RSD image from IBFS Let's get lit
an acrylic stamp block,
paint brush(es)
the roses and tombstone crosses are Tim Holz dies
the Happy Halloween is made using a dymo labeler
and I used some rhinestones
first to take the cd case apart and get all the paper stuff (and the cd) out

then you have this

turn the part where the cd normally is upside down like this
If you put the pieces together this way, the case can't be closed anymore and the lid will be able to stand, the candle is placed on the cd part of the box. Wait with putting it togehter till all the painting has been done, put aside the black piece (i used a clear case for mine but for pics this was more visable)
Now the hardest part, stamping on plastic.
the stamp has to be on the outside of the lid (the flat side without the edges and ridges to hold the booklet, that is gonna be the backside and there we are gonna paint it.
the easiest way to stamp is to put the stamp on the acrylic block and put it on your work space , stamp facing up like this

Ink the stamp and press the cd case with the front side down to the stamp, make sure the whole stamp gets on without moving.
if you fail,no worries, clean it using stamp cleaner or 70% alcohol.

when you've got a good impression (it took me 3 times LOL) let dry the ink and when dried turn the cd lid up side down, we are gonna paint the back of the stamp.
That way you don'thave to worrie if you paint over the inside lines of the stamp, sthe black will still be visable on the front side. Try to stay in the lines though, you don't want a bit of green where you had planned orange :-)
baby wipes can help clean out small mistakes (just saying)
Shake the glitter paint well befor use, Ijust  use the cap of the bottle , cuase of the shaking there is enough paint in there to use and you only need little bits of paint.
wait for colours next to eachother to dry a bit before adding a new colour, you don'twant them to mix
when the stamp is completely painted it should look like this (add as many layers of paint as you want, I did 3)

if you turn it around it looks like this

and when you assemble the cd case it looks like this

here some pics to show you the glitter, Always hard to do on a pic

now you can decorate the rest of the cd case
have fun
I will enter the cd candle holder in the following challenges
I will enter the tag in the following challenges

experimenting on ATC's

I was kind a curious how the DecoArt Texture crackle would work in real life, I did see a nice pic of crackles on the jar, but had never tried it before.

Also wanted to play at the ATC challenge at Smudgy Antics and the Fun with ATC's challenge black/white/red , I have the texture crackle in Deep tuscany Red and neutral, which is kinda white, and cut out 4 atc's of cardboard, so I was ready to go.

But where to start LOL, I usually don't read the instructions and just start, but for this one I thought I'd do some reading first (I am so proud of myself LOL).  The package didn't say much, apply DecoArt primer/sealer let dry. Open jar  and apply the texture crackle with a palette knife and let dry.......Easy hey, so followed instructions and dried the texture crackle with my heat gun, worked great. (be careful not to boil it though)

I used the red Texture crackle first and when dry I did notice that a thin layer gave fine cracks and a thicker layer bigger cracks, I had just put on some of the texture crackle without taking care of it being even on all spaces. I wanted an aged look so it doesn't matter if things are even.  Some of the cracks made the card shine through and I didn't want that.

and cause of experimenting I thought to see what would happen if I put the neutral texture crackle over the red,cover one atc completly and a small part of another one.

I hoped that the cracks in the white would show the red layer beneath, but that didn't happen. It still looked very nice though. For the challenge I needed black/white and red, so covered the atc's with Americana acrylic lamp black paint (DA067), let dry a bit and then cleaned them using a babywipe, making sure the black would go in the cracks and leave a bit of black over the whole surface.

i used the palette knife to get some of the neutral texture crackcle of, of the ATC that was completly covered in neutral texture crackle.  and rubbed some sizzling red So Soft Fineglitter paint (DSSG03) over the atc just as I did with the black,same treatment paint let dry whipe and get it in the cracks.

Now I was ready to stamp LOL.  Not easy stamping on cracks but it's do able. I added some of the glamour dust glitter paint DGD21 Black Ice on the edges and this is the result


I love the cracks, but the stamping (all stamps used are from de Stempelwinkel) didn't show very well, and  I wanted to see if I could get the stamps better visible by applying DecoArt Triple Thick gloss glaze.
A little tip from me, make sure your stamp ink is waterproof LOL
the black was.................
the white wasn't, the ATC with the white skull and tree got smudged,......... disaster........O well it happens I and sometimes things can be saved.
I let the gloss glaze dry and stamped with black over the smudged white skull  and tree, then I added black Ice (DGD21)  glamour dust paint over the Grave Tidings senti stamp
here the finished atc's including the one that got smudged and stamped again, the triple thick gloss glaze made it hard to take a pic, gloss reflects light can'tbe helped.
In real life it make the stamps come out much more and gives the ATC's some depth.

I really liked how they turned out, the glitter paint looks awesome IRL, and you can see the cracks real well throught the gloss glaze. Experiment succeeded :-)

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

good advice

Now the only thing I need to do is listen to it LOL. I guess art journalling can be very therapeutic and writing these quotes might just be helpful.
Don't worry no horrible things happening  here..........

When I saw the new alpha dictionary challenge at Craft Barn Blog was about the letter O, I decided to choose the word  Opportunity and made this AJ page, which turned out to be about the opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and try new things and the "fear" of not being good enough. I think these quotes say it all; don't listen to your fears cause if you don't try you will never know.  Just believe in yourself.

These quotes made sense so I guess it's working  :-)

The image is a Rick St. Dennis MFA image, it was originally drawn for me to use at the Tooth and Claw challenge in the DTT.  I ended up making another project and did not use this one. I loved the image though and was just waiting for the right opportunity to use it . I thought it would be perfect for this page. You won't find it in Rick's etsy, but there are lots of images you will  like in there.
and here the piece of the dictionary

The background is made using my Gelli plate, the paint colours used are:

Deco Arts Americana acrylic paintsBaby blue DA042, Calypso blue DA 234, Lemon Yellow DA011, Dragon Fruit DA 300, Hauser light green DA131, Sapphire DAO99-3, Sour Apple DA 275-3
I will enter the following challenges

Monday, August 26, 2013


Hi all, I am back again from France, had a great time but did miss blogging so today I thought to try out some of my new goodies.

The Rick St. Dennis Halloween rubber stamps from I Brake for Stamps, some DecoArt Americana Acrylic and, Glamour dust glitter paint  also Decoart. Also decided to use Americana crackle medium Weathered Wood.

first a pic and then I will tell you what I did.

I took a piece of cardboard and gesso-ed it. Then painted a base coat of Spiced Pumpkin (Da310) I wanted to use the Glamour Dust glitter neon orange (DGD24) but the gesso came through so that's why I added the Spiced Pumpkin first and then the glamour dust glitter neon orange, that turned out really cool, very neon and very glittery :-).
Then a layer of Weathered Wood crackle medium, let dry and added the top layer Purple Pizzazz (DA302), dried it using my heat gun and watched the crackle go. Then I added another layer of Weathered Wood on a part of the purple, let dry and made the top coat Hauser Light green(DA 131) and let it crack again.
I thought it looked nice but I wanted some bigger pieces of the neon orange  to show through and sanded some pieces until the neon orange was visible. The cool thing is it's very glittery but that's  always hard to see in the pic, hope you can see though.
Stamped  the Witchy and coloured her, cut her out and glued her to the cardboard.
Then painted the swirls (Tim Holz die) using Glamour Dust Glitter Purple Princess (DGD 22) let dry and glued on the card.
The broom is made using a twig from our garden and some rope and a piece of wire. (unraffel the rope, make it wet and straighten it and let dry. Once dried it stays straight.
Use the wire to attache the rope to the twig, super easy)
To finish I added a small bull clip, a ribbon, a flower and some pins, The quote is from the Wicked song Defying Gravity .
that's  it, hope you like
I will enter this in the following challenges
  ok no nails and no blood, just pins ans sorta cute :-)

Monday, August 5, 2013

having a blogger break

I am having a break from blogger, will see you all again in september

Pia a RSD Rubber image from I Brake for Stamps, but also available as digi

Back to rubber......

Long story, so you can skip it and just scroll to the pics if you want.... LOL

I started stamping in april 2011, I only had some clear stamps and started making atc's, before that I had made some Christmas and Halloween cards using a stamp every now  and then but really was a scrapbooker.
 When I started making ATC's I learned different techniques and enjoyed working with inks and embossing powder.
I found out that rubber gave much better impressions than the clear stamps did and from that moment on I was addicted to rubber.

Then I joined Smeared Ink Design Team in August 2011 and that was the first time for me to get to work with digital stamps. That was something I had to get used to, cause as much as I enjoyed using digi's you just can't do the same techniques you can do using rubber.
Learning allong the way, I found out you can do a LOT using digi's and the best part of digital images is that  you can print them in any size you want, when using rubber your are just stuck to the size of the stamp.
So I used digi and rubber together, and that worked fine. I did some GDT's for the Stempelwinkel(only rubber, no digi allowed), started to make tags and joined Dragons Dream dt of course using rubber mostly for that. If I would have to make a choice between using rubber or digi then, I would have chosen for the rubber.

Then I became a member of the Rick St. Dennis EDT in September 2012. And things started to change, I started to use digi's more and more.
I still used my rubber or clear stamps to create  backgrounds but colouring a digital image became much more important. And I needed lots of practise too, cause my colouring skills deffo didn't get me in the team......
Luckely for me Rick gave me some colouring advice, telling what could be better in a nice way (thanks for doing that Boss,it really helped a lot), looking back to my colouring a year ago and my colouring now, there is a big difference,  I have learned a lot.  Still some learning to do though.....

Anyway long story short, the "real" stamps became much more of a back ground thing, cause, colouring being my new addiction and loving to work with Rick's images....I even found out that if I  had to make a choice between rubber and RSD digi's, the digi's would win.....

But now some RSD images are also available in rubber ( the ones I used are from I Brake for Stamps), and that is the perfect least that's what I think............

 Cause you can do both with these images, get them coloured or just go crazy ink I did both.....and had lots of fun

first the just coloured stamp, stamped with black archival ink on cardstock

and then the inky experiment:
I used distress inks (peacock blue and raspberry pink)  a mini mister and a walnut stain re inker on a craft mat. Put the inks and water on the mat and  swipe the card through the ink.  Dry using heattool, Iron to make flat, put some more ink on with blending tool.
And then stamped the images using versamark. Add black embossing powder, used heattool to melt it, and then used aquamarkers to get some parts of the image coloured. You still can see the inky bckground in the parts of the images that weren't coloured with the markers
It was kind of an experiment and although the colours are odd cause of the inky background I really do like the result. See pics below

sorry for the long story, but hey, it's my blog so I can make a long story if I want to LOL
for those of you who want to see the difference in colouring here  2 pics
september 2012

and july 2013
I will enter the Alice eat me drink me card here