Saturday, August 3, 2013

Augusts RSD Freebies, meet Bitsy and Tworki

Freebie time again at Sparkle and Glitter and Airless  Chambers the other Rick St. Dennis blogs

There was a bit of a catch for the edt members this time, the Boss decided that the horns and the bathing suit of the freebies had to be coloured using a colour that started with the first letter of their name.

Lesson  learned here: Never try to out smart the Boss or you'll be in big trouble........

Cause I said this was easy ,my name starts with M so I can use M&M red,  M&M blue etc...and said that  Rick should come up with something more wicked to beat us ,

so I ended up not being allowed to use any colour that starts with any letter of my name: Monique van Dijk or any colour with a double name.

Just to show you I didn't cheat here a colour chart of my Caran d'ache pencils
I own the big box 76 pencils, unlucky for me fancy pencils have fancey names, most of them have double names.
So following DA RULEZ I ended up with these
9 pencils including black and white, I hardly ever use black and white so that left 7 pencils, see pic above..........
This was challenging, 3 sepia colour and a very light yellow and some orange/red/rust
For Bitsy I needed skin colour and a colour for the eyes
there was no rule about mixing colours and it turns out that worked great, the primrose and the cornelian togehter looked kind a skin colour and the russet for the eyes
see here the result

not that bad hey??
I decided to try the sepia colours too

Same rules were to be used for Tworki, the cutest monster ever
I  think I passed the test LOL
now go and snag the freebies on SNG and AC
i will enter bitsy in the folowing challenges


  1. Ah they are brilliant, Love what you managed to do with the lack of colours!!! Love Hazelxoxo

  2. WOW this is fabulous!!! Love how you have done this without all the colors you would normally use. How very clever for the skin tones!!! Awesome.

  3. Gorgeous cards.
    Thanks for entering at Sweet Stampin'

  4. Thanks for playing with us at Sweet Stampin'

  5. Thanks for joining us this month at a HOAC.
    Chris x