Sunday, September 30, 2018

some paintings

Last year I have started to do some more painting, watercolor but also acrylic. I don't always take the time to do these watercolors because it takes much more time than thought. Watercolor looks like it is quick and dane with a few strokes, truth is it needs time to dry in between and I don't always have the patience to wait....

Anyway here some of my animal paintings in watercolor :-)

Acrylic painting is easier , you can paint over mistakes as many times as you would like :-)

I eve got publishe in Painting world Magazine this year, how cool is that

But since the last few month I am back to rubber stamping and art journaling, I love stamping and will be doing that the next 31 days for the 31 days of Halloween, so check my blog every day in october for some new scary Halloween scenes ......