Tuesday, July 12, 2016

some canvasses

I made some more canvasses like the Eiffel ower one of this post here

Products used:
Deco Art Americana acrylics in :Driftwood, Traditional Burnt Umber, Antique White, Sea Breeze. Electric Pink Deco Art Americana Matte VarnishDeco Art Dazzling Metallics in Renaissance Brown. Deco Art Media GessoDeco Art Media Crackle GlazeDeco Art Media Matte MediumDeco Art Media Antiquing Cream in Raw Umber, Deco Art Americana Decor Stencil Distressed Harlequin,
Stamps used: Andy Skinner Industrial set by Stampendous and The French Market Clear stamps set by Tim Holtz. Prima Marketing Built a frame clearstamp set 2, Ranger Archival Jet Black Inkpad and  Walnut Stain Distress Ink by Tim Holtz.
Lace, charms, old dictionary page, piece cardboard and a canvas. Derwent Inktense pencils.

Thought it was fun to have a series of these, and since the canvas of the other blogpost is for a special friend I thought to make a new Eiffel tower canvas to, how I made it is described here

a bit closer look

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Eiffel tower canvas

I have been working on this canvas and have been doubting about adding the ribbon or not, so I kept changing it and finally decided it still needs the ribbon :-) So here it is (after takingthe lace of, and putting it on again) the final piece :-)

Products used:
Deco Art Americana acrylics in :Driftwood, Traditional Burnt Umber, Antique White, Sea Breeze. Deco Art Americana Matte Varnish, Deco Art Dazzling Metallics in Renaissance Brown. Deco Art Media Gesso, Deco Art Media Crackle Glaze, Deco Art Media Matte Medium, Deco Art Media Antiquing Cream in Raw Umber, Deco Art Americana Decor Stencil Distressed Harlequin,
Stamps used: Andy Skinner Industrial set by Stampendous and The French Market Clear stamps set by Tim Holtz. Prima Marketing Built a frame clearstamp set 2, Ranger Archival Jet Black Inkpad and  Walnut Stain Distress Ink by Tim Holtz.
Lace, Eiffel tower Charm, old dictionary page, piece cardboard and a canvas. Derwent Inktense pencils.

The page came from my  Dutch to French dictionary I used in school, the paper was allready yellowed but I thought it needed some more aging. To make sure the paper would not bleed when using stamps, I added a few layers of Matte varnish. Stamped the corners and coloured the stamps with inktense pencils.
Added the sea breez acrylic in the middle of the page and stamped the Eiffel tower.
Added some more matte Varnish to protect the stamping and colouring and when dry I added the Crackle glaze.

When Crackle glaze is dry rubb antiquing cream in the crackles and over the page, whipe back again when dry till you like the result and protect with matte varnish.

Gesso the canvas and the piece of carboard (I gesso both sides of the cardboard so it won't warp)

Paint the canvas Antique Linnen and let dry, make a wash of Traditional burnt umber and  water and age the canvas using a kitchen towel.

Paint the cardboard in Sea breeze and Driftwood using a sponge. When paint is dry use the French Market clearstamp set to create the back ground. Next use the Industrial stamps by Stampendous to age the background and give it the same wash as the dictionary page.
Use Matte Varnish to protect it
Use the distressed Harlquin stencil on the canvas using the Deco Art Dazzling Metallic in Renaissance Brown, and  add some on the edges of the page and the charm.

Distress the edges of the carboard using a small paint brush and traditional burnt umber paint .

age the lace and make a bow. add the charm to the bow .

Glue all parts togehter, I usse matte medium to glue the page to the card board.

Sit back and relax ( ... first clean paint brushes and stencils lol, Stencil and paint brush cleaner will make it easier tho)

I will enter the following challenges

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Time waits for no man

Hi all,  back again from my vacation in USA and I had a great time, meeting friends and seeing so many beautiful things. I did miss my craftroom a bit tho,  life has been a bit busy last week an a half since I've been back, plus a nice jet lag to deal with the first few days. I did want to enter Andy Skinners Time challenge so started yesterday evening on a last minute project. It was kind of a struggle cuz things never work the way you imagined them, but made it on time :-)

Ok here the products used, all Deco Art ofcourse, I love there paints and mediums :-)

Americana Matte Varnish, Americana Acrylic paint in Lamp Black and True Red. Americana Decou-page matte, Deco Art Media Carckle paste, Deco Art Media Texture Sand and Gesso, Deco Art Media fluid acrylics in Quinacridone Gold (love the paint, hate the name, breaks my tongue lol), Cobalt Teal Hue, Carbon Blac, Burnt Umber.  Deco Art Media antiguing cream in carbon black.  Americana Weathered Wood.

I found the hourglass last Friday in a shop called Hema  (Dutch shop that sometimes has real cool stuff) it was on sale for 1 euro :-)   but ofcourse brand new and shiny. Fixed that..., using a mix of Decoupage and burnt umber acrrylic fluid and a bit water, used soe quin gold for accents, I think it turned out great, was an experiment LOL, any way it started out like this
and now I altered it into this ;-)

The skulls are palstic beads and I put them on the sticks (the ones you use for plants in the garden if they need support no idea what they are called) and gessoed them and rusted them.

The circle parts they are attached too are made of a cardboard box, just cut out a circle shape and some cardstock circles to do the painting and stamping on the cover the cardboard

They are duble sided ofcourse because both sides are visable and because you have to turn the hourglass, the bottom part needs to be the same as the top :-)

I used weathered wood and crarckle paste to get the aged effect . the All Seeing Eye (my fave stamp of the Curiosity set) was stamped using Archival jet black ink , the other side is a clear stamp of a clock, no idea what brand it is.

The glueing everything togehter was a bit hard but it worked :-)  I like the result anyway.

I will enter this in the following challenges: I went LOC

Monday, May 23, 2016

Haunted Design House Evil Returns

Evil Returns, it;s been a while since we minions posted on the HDH blog, but seems we are back, well for this post anyway........

just a quickie, a book box

Deco Art products used, Metallic Lustres in black shimmer , silver spark and Iced Espresso, Gold Rush. Deco Art Media Gesso. Deco Art Paper effrects in metallic copper. Deco Art Americana acrylics in Hauser dark green, Celery green, Navy Blue, Lamp Black, Saffron Yellow, Grey Sky

this is was a chocolate box turned into a shadow  box, the cover is an embossing folder and the back it metal foil tape, on the inside some stenceling and stampng

I used it as a birthday card for a teen boy, he liked it a lot

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Plague Triptych

My DT project for Rick St.dennis combined with the Andy Skinner class in Wanderlust, Stamping in modeling paste (is much harder than you think) .

Products used:  Deco Art Media fluid Acrylics in :Pyrole Red, Cobalt Teal Hue, Transparent Yellow Iron Oxide, Prussian Blue, Quinacridone gold, Paynes Grey, Primary Yellow.  Deco Art Media Antiquing cream in Carbon Black. Deco Art Media Matte MediumDeco Art Media Tinting base and Crakle paint, Deco Art Media  Modeling Paste, Deco Art Media Gesso, Deco Art Media  Crackle Glaze, and  Matte Varnish Deco Art Americana Weathered wood, Deco Art Americana acrylics in Traditional Burnt Umber, Antique White and Deco Art Dazzling Metallics in Venetian Gold. Deco Art Metallic Lustres in Black Shimmer and Copper Kettle.
 The plague doctor is called Dr. Noir and is a digi specially drawn for this project by Rick St.dennis (thanks Boss, you are the best !!). The skulls are stamped in the modeling past (nightmares.....the paste has to be dry enough to not be too sticky but not too dry so it won't get the impression of the stamp.  This is take 2, take 1 desperately failed, which is my fault cuz I have been warned to practise on a test piece first, but I am just too impatient so I just jumped in with the real thing lol). The skull stamp is from the Morte set designed by Rick St.dennis and sold by Smeared Ink but no longer available since they went out of business. The Tryptich is MDF and bought at a dutch store called Action (sorta like a dollar store kind of store), it came with all kinds of cute decoupage images that I threw away immediately, cuz  who wants a cute cats and roses and a home sweet home tryptich .....This just screamed to be turned into somethng scary.

 I gessoed the triptych on all sides  and followed the instructions of the Andy Skinner class ( sorry I can't share those but if you check out the Deco Art Mixed Media program here you will find videos how to use Deco Art Media products to get a simular effect.
For the frame and hinges that are on the back of the Triptych I used Tim Holtz alterations dies and cardboard/ cardstock. If you look closely you will see the same skull stamp that has been pressed in the modeling paste, stamped on the crackled background behind the mask.

 The digi is a plague doctor in steampunk style, so I adjusted the background to steampunk style using gear stamps, stamped in venetian gold paint (it jut had to be venetian gold lol). the side pannels were painted in Antiqu white first and got a crackle glaze layer over them when stamping as done. The digi was coloured and scanned then resized to fit the pannels and mirrored, printed on a laser jet color printer. Cut them out and used matte media to glue them on.

The mask was bought on my trip to Venice last year, I am facinated by the Plague masks you find there on evere street ( or canal ) corner, but I could not take a big one on the plane with me. So I bought 2 fridge magnet plague masks with the idea to use them in my craft projects someday :-)

And because I was inspred by the shrines you find in Venice I thought this was the perfect match, I just had to age it a bit and get rid of the gold and glitter. So I sanded it and gessoed it. next painted it Antique white and added crackle glaze and antiquing cream.

the back of the triptych I painted to make it look like wood boards, I use Tradiditional Burnt Uber and a sponge, used a paint brush to make lines and stamped crackles using the Andy Skinner Crackle stamp by Stampendous.

Monday, May 9, 2016

travel journal

I had bought a new sketch book to use as travel journal for our vacation in USA , the book had blank canvas covers so I used Deco Art prosucts to decorate them

Products used:
 Deco Art Traditionsartist acrylics in : Phthalo Blue, Carbon Black, Opaque White, Naphtol Red.
Deco Art Traditons Satin Vasnish, Deco Art Media Crackle Glaze, Gesso, Antiquiging cream in Raw Umber. Deco Art Glas paint marker in Red, Deco Art stencils Andy Skinner, have yuor say and Industrial Elements. Deco Art American Tribute amd Urban Ink : pride

first Gesso the covers, next use the stencils and the paints to decorate, late dry, add a layer varnish and use the crackle Glaze, when crackling is done use antiquing cream to brin our the crackle and wipe back till you like result. Next protect covers using 2 layers of varnish

Friday, April 29, 2016

Flutterby Wishes

Some art journalling, this was a very quick page, I think the gesso took the most time lol .

This is my small Dylussions journal and I really love the paper, the only downside is that because of the binding the paint and ink leak through to other pages, and if you get the paper soaked in paints or mists the pages will tear a bit in the ends of the binding in the  middle of the page. I guess putting masking take over the middle of the page will solve these problems. Anyway, here is how I made this page.

I think the media misters work better on paper if you use gesso first, that way it won;t soak into the paper immediately and you can spary some water to get some dripping and to make the colours a bit lighter.

So first gesso the pages and let dry, next play with the media  misters and watermister and sequin waste, let dry and stamp the butterflies.

I painted the inside of the butteflies with gesso the get a white background, let dry and stamp the butterlfies again on the gesso, let the ink dry and use Derwent inktense pencils and waterbrush to colour the butterflies.

Next I took some background stamps and stamped around the butterflies, that's it really, so because I used a thick layer of gesso that was the part that took the most time because it needed to dry first :-)

Making background with the misters is so easy and fun to do, I guess I am addicted lol