Saturday, June 1, 2013

RSD Freebie time again

It's the first saturday of the month again and that means freebies on both  other Rick St. Dennis blogs.
on Sparkle and Glitter you will find the gorgeous Desdemona  and on the darker Airless chambers blog you will find a funny running skull man.

This month there will also be a contest on both blogs, you can win digi prizes using the freebie images, see details on both blogs

I have coloured them both and made cards out of them, but to show you how I coloured Desdemona I have taken pics along the way.

First a pic of the skull man

and here is Desdemona

I always use my Caran d'ache pencils to colour, and odourless whitespirit and a paperstump to blend the colours, colouring takes longer this way then using markers, but I love the softer look more than the brighter colours of markers. I know some people can do wonders using markers but I just stick to my pencils LOL

When you use pencils to colour, always start with the lightest colour and then start colouring from light to dark. I always start with the skin.
Now these pics are from my I pod so not the best quality but I have the strange habit of taking pics a long the way so i can look  at them to see how the colours turn out and where there needs to be some change. The handy part is you can zoom in to spots and can get very detailed that way. 

so here we go Pic 1 the skin
I have used 3 different skin coloured pencils, start with the lightes colour to colour whole skin and then use both darker colours to add shades

Next is the hair,  I used 5 colours for the hair, Yellow, orange, red, light brown, and  a very dark red/brown colour, work the same way as the skin light to dark for the shades

next pic the clothes and jewels, the red is the last colour I use to prefend smudging it in the other colours. Leave some white to add sparkle to the jewels. I don't use a white pencil or gelpen I just use the white of the paper, so be careful when blending that the white stays white

 This step is the hardest part for me, the make up, eye shadow, eyeliner, blush, and lipstick,

 The eyeshadow, just follow the way Rick has drawn that, you can see where it's supposed to be dark and light and fade the colour to the eyebrow

 (for the eyeliner i use a pencil with a very sharp point to get a thin line you can control.
Blush circular motion (but I alway stuggle with them, tryin to get them even and try not to make her look like a clown LOL)

the lips are the easiest part of the make up, again leave some white for the gloss

then I added some extrashades to the skin, but very hard to see on this pic

and the final pic the background, just choose a a colours and use  a light and dark shade of the colour to make a shadow and create depth,

Now this is just my way of colouring and I like how she turned out, but i am sure it's not perfect LOL
I just thought to show you my funny habit pics


  1. I LOVE your funny habits! Fabulous coloring, it's always nice to see how others create. I have tried to use pencils in the past, but it kills my hands from the pressure I feel I need to get my colors vibrant. I stick to Copics for that very reason. I shall admire the magical way you use pencils. Fabulous work, Mo!

  2. Beautiful creation and coloring of the images.

  3. Je bent en blijft een goochelaar met kleuren!!
    en de voodoo skull man is geweldig!!


  4. super allebei, mooi van kleur, leuke tutorial

  5. You and Miranda amaze me with pencils. Your creations are amazing. I hope that I get to work with you for a very long time.