Saturday, February 2, 2013

Valentine / Easter Domino Book

Rick asked met to do a domino book using his digi's, that was earsier said then done, cause you need small images and they have to be put very near next to each other to get a nice looking book.

I tried to use some of his excisting images but couldn't make it work well enough, so Rick drew these special images, that would fit perfectly.

It was fun to kind of make this together in cyberspace, me giving the measurements for how big all the images should be to fit the dominoes,  Rick drawing them and then me colouring and assemble the book.

Colouring these small images was a bit challenging, but fun to do, here a lot of pics and a tutorial how to make this book, the digi's needed for this are freebies on Rick's blog this weekend only and after that they will be in his etsy

Domino book tutorial

What you need:

Rick’s domino digi’s, 2 dominoes, Ribbon, Glue,  Double sided tape,  Bone folder, clear embossing powder, heat gun, Stickles
First measure the dominoes, you may have to adjust the size of the digi to fit to your dominoes.

Print the digi’s double sided  (I first printed them on two different  pages , glued them back to back in the way they should be. and  then copied double sided)
Colour the images for the front and the back of the book , glue them on the the back side of the domino (leave some of the edges of the domino visible to make it easier to seal them ) and put some versamark ink over the image and the domino’s  and put clear embossing powder over the image and the edges of the dominoes, heat with heat gun (don’t panic if  the first layer is not smooth) and repeat till you got 3 layers. Let cool and add stickles around the edges and let dry

First colour the images on both sides, then cut to fit the dominoes and accordion fold like the pics above.  You have to leave a blanc space the size of a domino on the valentines side to attache the dominoes.
Use double sided tape to glue the ribbon to the domino,  in the same way as in the pic,  Domino has to be in the middle and the ribbon should be big enough to tie a bow  on both sides of the domino.
Then glue the book to the dominoes as in the pic (use a liquid glue so you can move the book a bit while glueing so everything will be straight)
This is the book when closed with the bows.



  1. Geweldig leuk boekje, bedankt voor de duidelijke beschrijving met foto's.
    Het nodigt wel heel erg uit om er ook mee aan de slag te gaan.
    Groetjes Yvonne.

  2. Ik vind hem hartstikke leuk! duidelijke uitleg en lekker vrolijk.


  3. A wonderful project, you've created a fabulous domino booklet.

  4. echt helemaal te gek, super super gaaf hoor
    en je tag voor de challenge is ook heel tof

  5. OMG, this is sooo adorable! Thanks for the fab tut. I grabbed the images yesterday. Can't wait to play. xxD

  6. This is so beautiful, Monique. I have come from Leigh's blog via Black Dragon so I am hoping to give this a go as I now have the kit and will pop in and out of your tutorial as I have never yet altered a domino! ( I know, sheltered life! lol ) Vee xx