Thursday, February 21, 2013

Paper Easter basket

Quick and easy to make, in five minutes you will have a cute paper basket you can fill with chocolate or little gifts.
All you need is a square piece of paper (I used double sided printed paper), siccors, glue a ruler and a pencil.
For the small basket I used a 6" piece of paper and for the big basket a 12" piece of paper.
How to
With a pencil and ruler draw an evenly spaced 3 x 3 grid onto the paper.
for the 6" piece of paper draw the lines 2" apart.

Fold and unfold along each of the lines to make a crease

make cuts like in the pic below

fold up the left and the right side of the paper to turn it into a basket
and glue the sides see pics below

use a strip of paper to make a handle and glue it on the basket.
I also put some brads through

I atached a Rick St. Dennis digi, Larry Lapin

and filled the baskets with chocolate eggs

and here is a little sneak of the circle journal page i made

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