Thursday, February 7, 2013


 Rick asked me to make a how to on making roses from dies, here is how I do this.

I've got 2 differente dies, the Tim Holtz "tattered Pinecone" which is a pinecone, but you can make a rose out of it. The other one is Marianne Design Creatable LR0162
see pics below

here is how I make the Marianne design rose

when you cut out the die, you will get this, then you have to roll the rose starting from the outside. 

to make a start I use pliers, put the end of the rose around the tip of the pliers and roll a bit, then remove pliers and roll the rose by hand, see pics

the last part of the die is made to glue the rose to,

so put on some glue and pres the rose to the base, I use liquid glue, cause it has some drying time, which gives me time to move and shape the rose the way I want , but of course you can use a glue gun.  See pics

when the glue has dried,you can either leave the rose as it is or take the pliers and bend the tip of the petals back , to give them a bit of a curve (this works a lot better with the TH die) 

 here the finished roses

How I make the TH rose.

I like to give thes roses a bit of a vintage, old look, so I sand the edges

and then put some distress ink on it using a make up sponge

then roll again outside in, use pliers to get a start, same steps as the Marianne design rose, see pics

Now you can leave the rose like this, but you can also bend the petals with the pliers

when you curved all the petals, the rose look something like the blue roses (both blue roses are made of the same paper, but nice to see what distress can do )
The pink rose is rolled up a bit tighter, you can get a different effect by how tight you roll the rose.

Sorry for the ink and glue on my fingers in  the pic, hope you can understand from the pics, cause not easy to take pic and make a rose at the same time (I need four hands)


  1. Nou ik vind het een zeer duidelijke uitleg hoor, erg knap gedaan.
    Ze zien er echt super uit.

  2. fijne uitleg, prachtige rozen!


  3. That is the coolest rose/flower!