Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Creative Blog Hop

Creative Blog Hop

I was nominated to take part in the Creative Blog Hop by Helen Cullem, aka Croms, Helen is a talented lady who loves Dark Art, just as much as I do, check out her blog she makes awesome stuff. We first met on the Smeared Ink DT and we became very good friends. Helen is a very nice person, , she is always there to help or give advice :-), In the alsmost 4 years we know eachother she became a very dear friend.

The questions I have to answer.

1) What am I working on?

I am a member of two design teams, Haunded Design House and the Rick St.dennis Elite Design Team, and I am also in the Deco Art Helping Artist Program.
At Rick's team I do some  DT coordinating, so somethimes it get's a bit busy doing behind the scenes stuff. But it is great to work with Rick, who became one of my best friends, and the all EDT ladies. I am so lucky to get to work with so many nice and talented people on both the RSD EDT and HDH.
When you look at my blog header  it will be no big surprise that I love the dark side of crafting.  I can do cute, vintage and steampunk ,but I just love to throw in a skellie every now and than.
Welcome to the Darkside (we've got cookies LOL)

2) How does  my work differ from others of my genre?

I don't think I really have a genre, I just like a lot of styles. As I said I love dark, gothic and I even like zombie,s and a little blood, but I never do real gorey stuff. To the horror of some of my crafty friends I also like cute or pretty. I also love Steampunk and Vintage, sooooo......  a genre..... no, not really :-)

3) Why do your write / create what you do?

When my kids were little I used to draw/paint decorations for their rooms, and I started scrapbooking. From there I got into stamping and ATC and cardmaking. My favourite theme has always been Halloween and because it is not a big thing in the Netherlands, it is very hard to get Halloween, and spooky crafting supplies.
One day in 2011 when I was looking for new supplies on the web, I stumbled on the Haunted Design House blog ,and to my big surprise, there were more people like me. People who made real scary projects , and even better, there was a challenge too.

 From the links on the HDH blog I found Smeared and Smudged forum and I started to feel a bit less weird,  when I saw there were lots of people who liked scary overthere. I learned lots from Lady Brayton, Helen and Black Dragon and got in some design teams (Smeared Ink and Dragons Dream Tag it on) also did some guest design work for de Stempelwinkel.
Being in my comfort zone I started experimenting in mixed media, and altered crafting and even got published in Craft Stamper magazine.

I first saw one of Rick's images when he sponsored the 31 days of Halloween, it was the first time I joined the giant blog hop, and I won a digi sheet with coolest Halloween images I ever saw as a prize. From that moment on I was a fan of his awesome drawings, so when I heard Rick was looking for DT members I applied and once in the EDT, colouring  became much more important, and I tried to come close to the colouring skills of Aletha, LB and Helen. Rick was a big help in getting my colouring skills better by giving me some advice, and before I knew it I had a new addiction, colouring RSD digi's using coloured pencils.

Why I do what I do, I can't help it, I have too, if I don't colour or craft for some days I get restless :-)
I just have to get the ideas that are in my head out, to keep me sane (yah I know there are people doubting my sanity anyway.....). And as a bonus of getting involved in the cyber crafty world , I met some of my best friends :-)

4) How does my creation process work??

It just happens..... I go to my craft room (box sized) and just start on whatever is in my head,  and for some reason things never come out the way I had thought of, but's about the fun :-)
I do try to get DT stuff done on time, so always start way ahead of deadlines, allthough sometimes last minute stress helps the creative process a lot.

No it's my turn to nominate 3 people

first Karen "Mrs Claus" Christensen, one of my teamies at the EDT, a very funny multi talented lady, she sings, is Mrs. Claus and she can also marry you, check out the link to get to her blog to learn more about her and see her wonderful cards

second Sue Peck , also a teamie, the most productive crafter I know :-)  I think she makes at least one card or digital project every day. She is a super sweet lady, has a great sense of humor and is always prepared to help out in the EDT. the linky gets you to her blog to see her wonderful creations

third  Aletha Jane Williams also a teamie and friend, and the best colorist I know (is colorist a proper English word???), she does miracles with markers. Am still trying to out colour her LOL, she is one of the people who inpsire me to keep working on my colouring skills, klik the link to see Aletha's wonderful art

All of these Rick St. dennis images can be found in his zibbet shop

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  1. What an awesome interview with Loved reading your answers to the questions and getting to know you even better. You have such a fun sense of humour. I think, though, that you have seriously underplayed your importance to Rick's EDT. We couldn't survive without you! And just look at that gorgeous colouring!