Sunday, May 26, 2013

SNS DT throwdown challenge Tooth and Claw

Yay we are in again in this month SNS DT Throwdown  challenge,  the theme tooth and claw, has been chosen by the winner of the last challenge:

Quoth the Raven challenge blog, yay well done and big congrats to you.

For this challenge the Airless Chambers team is : HelenMiranda and me (Monique), we had to do a bit of thinking for this one, but we all came up with something, Rick provided us with the images needed and we were ready to go.

On Airless chambers you can see some pics of our projects and if you want to see more please visit the Blogs of my fellow teamies.

here is my project,which turned out a lot bigger and much more work than I had planned,  it's an Alice in Wonderland themed  curiousity cabinet,  with a bite (LOL)

let's start with some pics and then i will tell you how i made it.

this is the outside

and here is the bloody inside

I started out with two of these (plain wooden tea boxes)

I changed the size of the inside boxes cause  I didn't want them all to be the same size, and then painted and aged it using this

when the  painting was done i added the hinges (TH die) and the lock plate (7 gypsies) the doorknobs are made of buttons, there are 5 buttons ( 1 jeans button and the others are normal buttons) on each doorknob is a rhinestone that way the holes of the buttons aren't visible

then i had to create an Alice scene in the inside of both doors

for door 1 I asked Rick if he could draw me an alice with a butcher knife in one hand and the mad hatters head in the other hand.  He did wonder how this was going to fit the theme but faster then the speed of light I got the image I asked for. The doodles in the background are drawn by me, if you like them, you can get yours here  :-)

door 2, has the cheshire monster cat and the zombie rabbit and a head that belonged to another RSD image (it was allready chopped of a body, I didn't do that lol) and there is also the cheshire tree (TH Die), and a drink me bottle (with lizzard).

then i had to fill all the little boxes inside

first there are the eat me shrooms, cute hey?

then the twinkle twinkle little bat (sorry for the bat pic LOL)

some chess pieces

a blood white rabbit (and they eat heads, not carrots LOL)

the cards, that painted the roses red (poor things they lost their heads, o well more bunny food)

and i can't help wondering is it paint or is it blood??  I guess we'll never know,it's  hard to speak without your head

some keys and the King and the Queen of Hearts, O,  and  also some teeth ...

A tea party , without the hatter I'm afraid, poor guy lost his head (and you all thought Alice was such a sweet little girl, you were wrong ....)

(btw i added the card symbols to a the tiny tea set using permanent markers, it's a bit hard to draw on the round surface, but it worked

In the last little boxes , the pocket watch and a tart, what's a tea party without a tart?

and in the last 2  boxes, the pig and the rest of the cards

Hope you liked  my little curiousity cabinet and please don;t forget to vote here

O and some news (in case you missed the linkie above the alice pic), the doodle thingies I made as a background for Alice and some others are available as digital stamp  they can be purchased on the shop page  on my blog. There are only a few there now but i am working on more :-),

I will enter this in the following challenge



  1. Its quite a project-well done
    good luck in the throw down

  2. WOW! I cna't begin to tell you how much I LOVE this, Monique. I can imagine the time it took and it SHOWS! Again, I think you should enter this in this month's Altered Alice challenge, along with the White Rabbit easel card. The theme is Anything Goes and you can enter as often as you like. Chance to win some Stampotique rubber. Best of luck in the Throwdown. xxD

  3. Monique, I do wonder how you can better each project each time you let us into your world, this is so amazing and you've done it again. Where to start? Go Teamie!!! Good luck to us all in the challenge

  4. wow dit is echt fantastisch, zoveel om te zien wat een werk is dat geweest maar het resultaat is TOP

  5. Your imagination is overwhelming! Love this! Good luck and thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Oh my! This is amazing!! Truly a beautiful representation of the wonderful world Alice finds through the looking glass. Every bit is pure perfection.
    Best of luck in the throwdown.

  7. Wonderful Monique.... so much work but so worth it.... I have to keep having another look incase i miss something.
    Good luck in the throwdown.

  8. omg...this is an outstanding project! it must have taken you days to complete. love the talent and imagination that went into creating this piece.

  9. WOW! Monique this is FANTASTIC! Loved how the story played out in all the little boxes and your colouring of Rick's images is beautiful :)

  10. Coloring on the box is fabulous. Each nook and ends are so fun to look at. Your doodles, very fun and fit right in with the crazy Alice. Wonderful glitter details in the background. Good luck!

  11. I see something new every time I look at your piece. Brilliant work! It must have taken several hours over several days to complete, but well worth it as your shadow box turned out amazing! Congrats on the start of your new shop too!

  12. I so love how you put this all together! I could be sitting here for days telling you what I love about your creation, so I am just going to tell you that I truly Love every inch of your 2 tea boxes! And the painting you did on the boxes. MO this is truly awesome, makes me want it LOL! You so rocked out your project for the DTT! Your amazing anyways!! You are a great artist my friend!

  13. yea, Monique! So glad you shared with The Altered Alice, too. xxD

  14. oh my ghoul oh my ghoul oh my ghoul! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your Alice in Horrorland cabinet of curiosities!!!!!!! I want it sooooo bad LOL! Brilliant Monique, awesome job and very well deserving of the Throwdown win, congrats!!!!!