Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday the 13th Phobia blog hop

This is the monthly Smeared Ink blog hop; Friday 13 th Phobia.

The theme is WHAT ARE YOU SCARED OF? Step outside your comfort zones and share your phobias!!

So time to share my phobia;

I used von Bayros Creepy sleeper digi and this image shows my phobia.

I think there is nothing scarier than someone/something sneaking up on you when you're a sleep. Well there is one thing that comes close and that is sleep paralysis (old hag). What happens is that you wake up and you find out that you are unable to move. You know you are awake and you can open your eyes,but you are unable to speak or move,and to make things worse you can see a man dressed in black who is standing next to your bed, watching you....

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Below you will find the blog roll of all the other hoppers, check out their awesome artwork and leave them some nice comments. Enjoy the hop.

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  1. eeeeep that is a scary thing, never really thought about it until now but yes that would be terrifying if it happened! Gorgeous piece your colouring is outstanding.
    Shell x

  2. Oooh gosh yeah - how scary is that ?? Great piece here Monique - superb colouring :-D xxxx

  3. Creepy!! You did a fabulous job as always.

  4. Very frightening! I know this because I dealt with it (old hag)for years until I got diagnosed with narcolepsy. I thought I was possessed and thought demons were after me. Thought I was crazy. The meds I take have eliminated that sensation so now I am free. The thought of a real person watching you while you sleep is even more horrifying! Wonderful depiction of your fear! Thank you for sharing :)

  5. Gorgeous Monique....beautiful colouring...... Fab expression of your fear :)

  6. Monique,
    Your coloring on your project is awesome! And I agree w/ you that is pretty scary, waking and someone/ something is watching you!! It would creep me out! TFS!

  7. Awesome coloring. I have never thought about that. It is creepy though.
    Christine I became a follower

  8. That is pretty dang creepy! Great job and I love all of the colors you used.

  9. Your phobia is scary! I usually have a cat staring at me when I wake up. That can be a little disconcerting! Love your coloring by the way.

  10. Yea I have woke up before and had someone standing over me and it always makes me jump out of my skin for sure. I've never had the ol hag happen to me. Hopefully never will. That would be a sucky feeling I think.
    I love that image you used. That is a very sexy scary project. thanks for sharing your phobia

  11. Your creation is beautiful! And yes, that is a very creepy thought.

  12. beautifully coloring and a wonderful piece of art..wait till you are in your fiftys
    many hugs and congrats on awesomeness.
    susan s.

  13. sounds like a horror movie and what a scene! really creepy and fab work! xx lisa

  14. Wow! I've had that happen so many times where I am scared & wake up & cannot scream or move. It is awful. I love the job you did here. Really fabulous. :)

  15. I can see that this would be a scary thing to happen - to not be able to move when you need to and imagine some one watching you helpless. Love the way you have depicted this with this fab image. TFS Hx

  16. Love this image and what you have done with it amazing colouring xxx

  17. people people
    my acrophobia is so severe that i break down even when talking about it. i can not look even of pictures of heights or even think about any place which is over 3 meters high.