Monday, April 9, 2012

Smudgy Antics challenge Anything goes

This weeks challenge at Smudy Antics is Anything Goes, so that is easy no excuses for not entering this one :-) check the rules here.

My project got a bit out of hand, I turned out a bit bigger and a lot more work than I thought it would be.

I needed some storage for my inks and decided to make it myself. I used some chipboard and metal tape. It took a lot of measuring and cutting through chipboard but I like how it turned out.

I got a lot of pics to share, because this project is not easy to show on just one pic, I will show you pics from all sides and some deails of the Smeared Ink digis used:

And here you can see it on my desk

See you at Smudgy Antics Challenge blog


  1. WONDERFUL Monique - what a fabulous idea. It must have taken you forever to measure that out and get it done. It is totally awesome AND practical.... LUV it :-D xxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Awesome Monique!! I really like the idea of a dedicated home like that for my inks.Yours is super with all that stamping and texture. xx

  3. Absolutly Stunning! and useful!!!!..... Love it......Fab idea :)

  4. Wow! A ton of work here! I love all the different textures you've created in the metal tape and the stamp work looks great! This must have taken you forever to do, but it looks absolutely AMAZING!