Friday, December 14, 2018


I have decided to make some changes to the content of this blog.
For the ones that have been following me, you probably know I like "Dark "Art but also have a lot of "Pretty" art. To make it easier for people to just follow the part of my art they like I have split up the blog and have added a new one specially dedicated to the Dark art.

That blog is called "Monique's Pretty Dark Art"and you can follow the link to get there.

This blog will feature all other art from now on, I changed the name to Monique's Art and restyled the way it looks.

I am not going to move my "old dark" posts from this blog to the new one, so if you want to look at the older dark art posts you can still find them here.

Hope you like it and will also follow me on my "Dark"Blog

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