Monday, October 8, 2018

31 days of Halloween day 8

Getting bored allready?...  I hope not cuz I have another Rolodex card for you in Halloween theme.

This is day 8, and I am still keeping up,  Yay me!!

The stamps used : the web is from Craft Emotions, the face I have no idea, I bought it secon hand and no manifacturer was mentioned, so if you know please let me know.

I really love this quirky face with the tomstones on her head. I am not sure if it is meant for Halloween but I guess it will do the job. To me it has a spooky feeling and I tried to emphasize that with the background colors and the spiderweb.

Here you can see the card in my Rolodex, it came from the office I work in and yes they know I took it home , I got permission to do so :-).  I work there for 31 years and this thing was allready there when I started so it is really old...(like me lol).  The original cards are still in there (only the blank ones no addresses or phonenumbers)  and they have real authentical coffee stain and yellowed through age, but for this project I wanted the tab to add the date and a slightly bigger card, so I bought I die (again second hand no packaging, and no idea who made it). It fits perfectly.

The how to video can be found here

More info on the hop here


Happy hopping....


  1. Awesome coloured background. These cards ROCK !! xx

  2. Another great card.... LOVE the stamps used. SUPERB background!!!

  3. Another faBOOlous ATC! I love the colors - so pretty!

  4. A real spooky face and the colours are great.

  5. The coloring makes it perfect for Halloween.
    thanks for sharing

  6. I really love the colourings on this one!

  7. ohh spooky colours must use them more