Thursday, October 11, 2018

31 days of Halloween day 11 and Dia de Los Muertos video collaboration hop

Today is a bit complicated, I have 2 projects for 2 different hops, to make things worse the events don't start at the same time.....

So here a little explanation; the first hop is ofcourse the 31 days of halloween, you found me you are ok, the project is below and the video that goes with is schedualed the same time a this blog post.

her is day 11 of the 31 days of Halloween, another Rolodex card, don't stop reading tho, check my other project further down this post it will be worth it.

My second project is for the  Dia de Los Muertos video collaboration hop, oganized by Ayala Art, you can find her on facebook.


This is a video hop all about the day of the dead and all kinds of art are allowed as long as it has a Dia de los Muertos theme.  You can see the pictures of my project, a book shrine, below.  There is ofcourse a video to go with it, but that goes live 9 AM pacific time. So if it is not available yet when you read this please come back when it is :-)

Video here

Deco Art products used:
Media Black Gesso and Crackle Glaze.
Americana Deco Page Napkin
Americana Multi Surface Metallic in Gold
Americana Acrylic in lamp black
Metallic Lustres in: Copper Kettle, Burnished Brass, Black Shimmer, Champaign Ice

the front of the book
when it opens
you will see this
a closer look

and the back of the book, the video will show you how this is made.



  1. ACK !! Boo-tiful rolodex card and that book is absolutely AMAZING !!

  2. Another great Roladex page and a FABULOUS Dots book!!

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE the stamps used on your Rolodex card today!!! The bottles are AWESOME! Your Dia de los Muertos book is FANTASTIC!!! What wonderful work!

  4. Tink and myself left a comment on the Rolodex card earlier....only not seeing them now!

    1. Yep blogger was not playing nice
      Sorry bout that

  5. Love the stamps you have used on your card and your second project is amazing.

  6. Oooh, I love the rolodex card! It's awesome and faBOOlous.
    The book is phenomenal and gorgeous.

  7. Oh my word your card is gorgeous! I think this one may be my favourite, but then I'll probably see another that is a favourite - they're all so good!! Then the book, wowee!!! Outdid yourself there!