Tuesday, October 4, 2016

31 days of Halloween ; day 4

Welcome to day 4 of the 31 days of Halloween

I am trying to learn how to paint (no I don't have classes I just see what happens lol) and for Halloween you just have to have pumpkins.

So I experimented in my Art Journal :-)

Products used: Deco Art Media Gesso White, Matte Medium. Americana Acrylic paint in Snow White, Ultramarine Blue, Antique Mauve, Jack 'o'lantern orange, Lemon Yellow. Deco Art Glass paint marker in black.
Derwent Intense pencils, Crazy cat stamp by Ranger. Moon stamp by Stampinback.  HB pencil .

I made some pic along the way :-) .. I used my small Dylussions Journal and gessoed the pages first. When gesso was dry I used a bby wipe to paint the page Atique Mauve, going from dark on the edges to light in the middle.

Next I drew the shape of the pumpkins using the HB pencil and use gesso to make theinside of the pumpkins white (just paint over the pencil lines, but make sure they stay a bit visable so you can use them as guidance).

Paint the pumpkins Lemon Yellow (yah I know.....they are pumpkins), when yellow is dry add Jack O Lantern Orange :-)  to create shades. (what I did was paint orange over the yellow and removed the orange using a baby wipe on the spots the highlights would be (Is that still painting?? LOL)

Next I used Derwent inktense pencils (make sure the paint is dry) and use orange brown and dark red to draw the lines in the pumpkin. used a waterbrush to fade them a bit and get the color out.

Because I knew what quote I wanted to use I wanted the pumpkins to glow, I used yellow intense pencil to get a glowing effect around the pumpkins.
And used dark grey to get somesort of shade underneath the pumkins.

because of the quote I had to have a black cat, I used a Tim Holtz crazy cat rubber stamp for that, Stamped it on cardstock and coloured it using the Derwent Inktense pencils and cut it out (cut the whiskers of, I solved that by stamping the image directly to the page and glueing the image I cut out over the stamped image, so the whiskers show, see next pic)

Now I needed a moon and I also used a rubber stamp for that,  stamped on cardstock, coloured using inktense pencils and used a circle punch to cut the moon out (my circle punch was a little bit bigger than the stamp but that did not matter).

I wanted the back ground to be a night sky and used blue, yellow and antique mauve to make it look this way. The yellow glow from the moon to the pumpkins is done by Inktense pencils in yellows and orange, use waterbrush  to blend the colours of the pencils and get the colour out.

Fianally I used a piece of paper roughly cut in the shape of the sillhouette of the pumpkins and the cat to cover them and covered the moon with a punched out circle of scrappaper.

Took white paint and added a bit water, dipped a tooth brush in and made the splatter to make it look like you can see the galaxy.  I figuered the glow from the moon would reflect on the ground so used some yellow and antique mauve there too.

Hope you like the result.

But there is also a page from the junk journal off course :-)  see below

this page of the junkjournal is made of Halloween paper (lol I found a little piece in my stash so it had to be in here)  I made a pocket and stamped the word spooky on it, in the pocket is a to do list. underneath the do do list is a stamped skullie
next page has a photo of a skeleton and some spideys on it
and here are the pages inside the book

I will enter the following challenges


  1. Your painted journal page is awesome - I too have tried a bit of my own work in my journal - but am too shy to display it!! Love your combination of elements in the jumk journal...

  2. You're doing a wonderful job painting - the
    shading on the pumpkins is marvelous. There
    is so much depth to them. The moon is great
    thanks for sharing.

  3. I don't think you need any art classes; you're already a pro! Your art journal is stunning! Love the sentiment. But your BG is just glorious!! And I love your junk journal ...

  4. You are you and no one is truer than true...Your art is fantastic! Thank you for sharing!

  5. Wow! You don't need any help with painting. This is an awesome journal page.

  6. Love the sentiment on the first page!

  7. oh Mo you should be teaching!!!! yes you! teach! you are fabulous. I gotta get Tim's I really want them!hugs

  8. Love the pumpkins and sentiment, so wonderful! Love all your art, thanks so much for sharing!~kim Dream in Darkness