Friday, October 21, 2016

31 days of Halloween ; day 21

31 days of Halloween ; welcoem to day 21

this page of my junkjournal has a print on it of a crow (it;s amazing what you find if you go shop in your own stash that has been in a drawer for years lol

It was to big for the page so I cut a piece of and made a pocket of it to fit a little tag in

 I decorate the page with tiny left over strips of the coffin journalling spots I made and I thougt it would go perfectly with the kraft card tag.
 the tag is stamped on both sides , crows ofcourse, stamps by de Stempelwinkel
 I also found a small paperbag, I had a number stamped on it, it was used in a swap long ago and I was sent 10 of those paper bags in several sizes numbered 1 to 10 :-)
  I just left the number on and stamped around it
 inside is another tag, with on one side an image of an angel (that came in this paperbag originally)

the other side of the text is for a to do list, and on the bag a little skellie

see you tomorrow for day 22


  1. I have several stash/junk paper drawers. I should make a few dozen of these journals. LOL

  2. The background around the angel is dark
    enough that it could go with Halloween.
    Love the tag that went into the pocket
    - the saying on the back is great.
    Paper bag came out good too.
    thanks for sharing.

  3. this is fun and wonderful...I must go find my skull stamp I forgot it...Love your art.

  4. I agree with you about shopping in your own stash...
    I am also finding I am being reminded of images that I have tucked away while hopping through!