Friday, October 31, 2014

happy Halloween

I have a few projects to show you, starting with a lantern (everyone needs one this night)

I used a lantern I bought it had a text on it in white, I scraped it off using a knife and cleaned the glass using rubbing alcohol.

Then I spayed Deco Art Americana Acrylic Matte Sealer/finisher on the glass, let dry overnight.
Mask the parts you don't want paint on and use chalkboard paint to paint 2 bands leaving the middle part un painted. see pic.

Next use the rubber stamp from the Morte set ( designed by Rick St. dennis available at Smeared Ink) and archival jet black ink to sramp on the glass, careful not to smudge and let the ink dry before touching.  The Sealer makes the glass less slippery so it will be easier to stamp.

this is what it looks like in the dark

cool huh?

Next is an altered box

this started as a cardboard box .
The skull is a Rick St. dennis stamp from the Morte set by Smeared Ink, it was stamped in clay. when dry it was glues to the box cover. The rest of the lid was coverd using Deco Art Modeling paste.

when dry add American Acryloc gesso .

  next is a thin layer of Deco Art Texture Sand. The colour is a mix of Deco Art Media fluids Phtalo Turquoise, Phtalo Green Blue, Paynes grey and Quinacidone gold

last project is a tag using a rubber stamp designed by Rick St. Dennis, calld Skelly ton,  and available at I Brake for Stamps

the back ground is embossed and coloured using Deco Art Metallic lusttres.   Lavish Green for the branch die,The back ground :  Cosmic Blue , Elegant Emerald and Majestic purple

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  1. Wow, you are an amazing mixed-media artist, Mo! These are fabulous! Great job!