Thursday, October 9, 2014

halloween decoration

I used a wooden star to make a Halloween decoration, the stamp used is from the Morte set designed by Rick St, dennis . You can find them at Smeared Ink.

I used Deco Art Texture Crackle, mixed it with Media Fluid acrylics cadmium orange hue and used a palette knife to cover the star. Let it dry and stamped the skull on and the spider webs. Added some sparkle  with Americana Glamour Dust paint in neon orange. Used a black ink pad to make the points of the star a bit darker and left the center neon. Finished with a layer of Triple thick gloss glaze


  1. Mornin' Mo, Gorgeous project... loving your idea for a Halloween decoration. Lovely shiny glaze.

  2. The texture on this is fabulous. Loving the crackle and the stamping! Very spooky.

  3. You are so good with mixed-media! I love this star. What a great idea!