Monday, September 2, 2013

the letter Z.............let's think.....o, I know.......


Over at the Craft Barn blog the new Alpha dictionary challenge started, and the letter is Z........

Well my beloved followers, I guess you all saw this coming, letter Z can be only one thing in my dictionary.......

I can't work in a dictionary, it's too small for me so I had to cut the word out and glue it to my page, I don't normally cut things out of books, they are kinda sacred I have a very old English-Dutch dictionary that i use for these challenges. Can you believe the word Zombie wasn't in there, what kind of dictionary is that, the most important Z word not in there...........

Luckely my son has a dictionary, he needs that for school, I asked him if Zombie was in there and ............

Yay it was!!!

Well not anymore................I know.....I  am a bad example for my kids, but hey, they think I am NUTS anyway  :-).
 But at my defense; I asked if I could cut it out and my son wasn't very much attached to the Zombie word so I could have that one. As a matter a fact I could have the whole book," he didn't need it anyway", he said.   Well I think he does, so I returned it  to him ;-) (minus a word or two that is)

Here  is my page, using a Rick St. Dennis image called Zombie love, the background is a gelliplate print, I used Deco Art Amercana Acrylic paint in the colours: Calypso Blue DA234, Navy Blue DA 035, Hauser Light green DA131, True Red DA 129, and Lemon Yellow DA 011. The heart and the Z are stamps, I wrote the senti using a waterproof marker.

a close up of the lovely couple

 and the dictionary word


  1. Very clever, love the zombie!!

  2. Brilliant take on the letter Z. Always love browsing through your blog. Lou x

  3. Hi Monique, great zombie page - enjoyed reading your post too - it made me smile that your son doesn't need the zombie word. Fab gelli print and your lettering is amazing. MMx

  4. Visiting from The Craft Barn - WOW! What a fabulous page! How awesome that your son 'let' you have the wrd you craved :0)

  5. It's obvious that you had fun with your Zombie! I've enjoyed your page and your story of acquiring your word!

  6. Terrific choice of word and a wonderful page to illustrate it

    Chrissie x

  7. Well done on your Zombie page!

  8. Great Zombie page loving the gelli background


  9. I am visiting backwards, and this is the second zombie but is actually the first, I was surprised but only because I don't think I had that in my dictionary! Great image and that is so funny cutting zombie out of your son's dictionary then giving it back! Is that cheating using two dictionaries? hahahahahaha

    Cazzy x

  10. Ah, you make me laugh!
    I can see him at school... 'Sir, my Mum cut it out of my dictionary, honestly!' :D
    Fab page

  11. Hi Monique, love your page, you and me both picked the same word ánd we both used a Rick St Dennis digistamp LOL! I did use a different one though, and are pages couldn't be more different. Love the way you made yours, stunning. Hugs Frea

  12. Stunning page. Love your interpretation but admit a zombie is not my prince

  13. What a fab take on the word and judging by your blog it's a great choice of word.

  14. Trust you to do a zombie lol.
    Great work
    Thanks for playing