Monday, September 16, 2013

Glass painting how to

I  bought a glass plate at the thrift store, one you can put candles on, it was just plain glass , perfect for trying out some glass painting.

I will show you how to in a minute, first a pic of the finished piece

Supply list
white vinegar
old newwpaper
scotch tape
glass plate
pattern (see below)
This pattern is provided by Rick St.Dennis MFA, (thanks Rick for drawing this for me)  you will need the black and white version, the coloured version is for colour reference

This technique is called "REVERSE GLASS PAINTING" you paint the top layers first and then work down to the background. Since you are painting on the backside of the glass the finish is very slick and professional looking especially with DECO ART glass painting products.
Rick designed this project to use DECO ART GLOSS ENAMELS-Gloss Enamels are opaque and can be home oven baked for a durable dishwasher safe finish-they can also be blended for a wide variety of colours.
I love the sparkle and look of the Deco Art glamour dust glitter paints-so, I changed the painting pattern to suit my supplies.
Rick always encourages painters to change and adapt his patterns to suit their creative feelings-for instance this pattern could be done in AUTUMN colours-drop the Halloween senti and add an acorn border-you could even edit out the face on the pumpkin.
Wash the glass plate in hot water and rinse it with white vinegar, let dry completly.
Place it face down on an old newspaper and mist the back with the Americana Matte Spray, just a light even coat, let dry for 24 hours (yep you need patience for this one LOL). I did a second layer of spray just to be sure I didn't miss a spot (and again let dry 24 hours)
Than we can start, put the plate face up  on your work space
Print the black and white pattern (change it to the size you need, I enlarged the pattern on a copymachine
Tape the pattern FACE DOWN on the FRONT of the plate, to make it easier to tape it(cause of the curves in the plate) I first cut the middle part out and cut all sides too. 

when you taped every piece of the patteren in place it should look like this, check that every piece is place correctly, hard to see cause of the mirrored writing,

You will be painting on the back of the plate, where the Americana Matte Spray is
take the neon  yellow glitter paint, shake well and paint the swirls in the stars and the yellow highlights at the eyes, nose and mouth, let paint dry
Use the Glass paint marker trace all out lines and writing ( it says Happy Haunting) on the pattern, let dry

when finished it looks like this, see pic below
you will need to add several layers ( let dry in between layers) of glitter paint to get the best result

 when the yellow swirls  and highlights, are the way you like and have dried you can start painting the stars orange, and add the green to the stem. and when the orange of the stars is dry, you can start painting the edges green

add the purple round the pumpkin

Mix the yellow and orange to get a lighter orange to use for the highlights in the pumpkin, see pic. again you will need more layers to get it right. Let dry in between layers.
 When you turn the glass plate face up, (make sure paint is dry before you do this) it should look like this (check if you use the coloured pattern as reference if you paint the highlights in the right place)
turn it face down again and paint the rest of the pumpkin orange, this is what the finished piece looks like when all layers paint are on, let dry and
use the Americana Matte Spray to seal the back, let dry 24 hours
and done.
Here some more pics of the finished piece
and a bit closer to see the high lights and the glitter
more glitter

and some more glitter
 and the final pic.

I really like how it turned out, of course you can use Deco Art glass paint, but the Glitter paints works fine on glass , I really love the glitter and neon for Halloween.
Happy Haunting 
I will enter this in the following challenges


  1. This is so cool! I need to talk to you to about DecoArt. Fantastic piece of art!

  2. Love this!!! Wonderful tutorial, Mo!

  3. Great altered plate & great tutorial!
    Thanks for sharing at The Crafting Cafe this time!
    Good Luck
    Dawn xx

  4. Good Job Monique-nice clean work-your tutorial has great pictures and looks like fun---hope many take advantage of this freebie!!

  5. Fabulous project; love the image and tutorial. Thank you for playing along with us at Crafting When We Can Seasons Challenge.

  6. very cute, thank you for joining our challenge at Crafting When We can, hugs, martina