Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Cheshire monster cat

I asked Rick if he could make a scary Cheshire, duh!!  ofcourse he could, and I got this fabulous Monster cat. (thank you Rick for drawing me a scary Ches, your the best boss ever)

Really love this awseome cat, but colouring was a bit harder then I thought, messed up completly first time
first the messed up pic and then the other one that I like a lot more.

also did another Rick St Dennis MFA image it's called Vampire Valentine

these images will be attached to a project soon.....

and a little  sneak peek of a circle journal  page  i made


  1. that's one grumpy cheshire ;-)
    I absolutely want a boss like yours!


  2. WOW gorgeous Monique, you need to do a colouring tutorial - this is a very scary moggy!! x

  3. Woww this is so beautiful!
    I have a question, last week I followed become yours blog
    would you want to do me a big favor
    would you like to follow me back? heartfelt thanks

    Dear greetings Miriam

  4. And more wonderful creations, just fantastic.