Tuesday, January 16, 2018


I won a art course by Muriel Steger and Petra Steijn, and it is hard for me to do. It's about letting go and not use you nind but your heart to create art.

I am a control freak and I have not much experience in painting girls faces, so it's hard fr me to do the lessons.

so far I made this:

Deco Art Products used:
Deco Art Americana Decou Page Napkin, Deco art Media Misters in Red and Yellow, Deco Art Media Gesso, Deco Art Americana Acrylic in Lamp black.

For this page, without going into the lessons too much, I made a background using a napkin with a marble print, decoupaged it to the page and usde a red Media Mister and  a Yellow Media mister to give the background colour. Next I used a pencil to sketch the head and painted it white using Gesso.

Next I drew the face and cooured it using Inktense pencils. The words are written using a Sharpie.

The gears were stamped using acrylic paint.

sketch after Klimt

Deco Art Products used:
Deco Art Media Gesso, Deco Art Americana acrylic in : Marigold, True Ochre, Spicy Mustard, Bright Blue, Cherry Red.  DEco Art Dazzling Metallics in: Chanmpagne Gold, Emperors Gold, Venetian Gold. Deco Art Multi Surface Satin in Lemon Zest and Deco Art Multi Metallic in Chocolate.  Americana Stencil Bubbles and Personally yours stencil Strength Deco Art Media Matte Varnish
The background and the bird are made using stencils and the paints listed above over a layer of Gesso.
The drawings are made using a Neco Color 1 oil pastel when done the pages got a layer of Matte Varnish to protect them

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