Thursday, August 24, 2017

Lucky Cat Shrine for ITAC'17 challenge

Supply list:

Deco Art Americana acrylics in Lamp Black and True Red
Deco Art Dazzling Metallics in Emperors Gold
Deco Art Media Gesso (white and black), Modeling paste and Gloss Varnish

Cardboard (pieces of a box)
Stamps with Chinese Characters, coins and decorations.
A Lucky Cat (mine was a key chain hanger)
Stamp Ink (waterproof, I use Archival Jet black)
Tim Holz dies ( Baroque and Artfull Dwellings)
white cardstock

I am sorry I did not take step by step pictures but will explain how I made it. It is not that hard.
Start by cutting the shapes (2 of the baroque  and 4 or 5 of the Artfull dwellings)

The Baroque die will be the front and the back of the shrine and you need to cut off some of the side edges to get the shape I have used, also cut a part out of the bottom to creat some "feet". The front needs a hole that is big enough to fit the Lucky Cat in.

The Artfull dwelling shapes that will hold the cat will neet a hole too, use a craft knife to cut it out (use a pencil to draw the shape first)

In my Shrine 3 artfull dwellings dies with hole were enough to create enough depth to hold the kitty.

Gesso all pieces ( I used whot gesso for the parts that were going to be red and black for the rest, gesoo both sides)

Paint all parts and use modeling paste and a stencil to create the mosaic tile look on the gold frame around the cat, paint that carefully in black and gold when modeling paste is dry (use the stencils as a mask to avoid gold paint to go on the blac parts)

Stamp the coins on gold painted cardstock and cut them out, attache the tassels.

Stamp all images on the front of the shrine and paint over the characters using gold metallic paint.

Use some gold paint on the edges.

stamp some Chinese characters to make tiles and stamp characters on the cardboard piece that will be the back ground for the cat.

Use gloss Varnish over all painted parts

Assemble all pieces and add the coins with the tassels using foam tape and put the cat in place.

This was made for ITAC "17 challenge 2 "Asia"   art as meditation.

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