Sunday, March 19, 2017


Life has been so busy I completly forgot to post about #Artifacts.

I have been looking at bullet journalling and decided it was not for me, and while I was thinking how to keep track on my deadlines and important appointments  I came across the Artifacts Idea by Seth Apther, check out his blog here.

In these modern days everyone keeps theire agenda in their cell phones and allthough my phone is always within reach it does not work for me, I need to make lists, on paper, preferably on nice colored, decorated paper in a book that feels good when you hold it in your hands. (yah I know I am funny that way)

So instead of buying a agenda I thought to give the Artifacts idea a chance, and to be honest I am not doing it the way Seth does (see his pages here), I just make it work for me.

When  I saw this book I had to pick it up, it's the quote on the front and the fabric cover that caught my attention. I picked it up and it felt right. it has lined pages so that's perfect the only downside is the paper is thin, too thin to really have wet media on it. But hey hoo, we know how to work around that don't we, just glue 2 pages togehter and voila.....

Ofcourse the inside needed some changes so I did some decoration using patterened paper and added a pocket. (I have notes lying around everywhere so I can now put them all in the pocket till they are done and can be thrown away)

 Next I started my pages. January  I wrote down some goals and some unexpected news, that I can share now but in January it was still top secret, it's written underneath the tag  not visable for everyone but still in my book.

BTW the news is I am designing rubber stamps for Sin City Stamps (yep I am in their DT as well). Kim saw a drawing I made and she asked if I would be interested in designing for Sin City (DUH!).
I think they will be in the shop in April, I will keep you posted.

So January started out great , I also reached 300 subscribers on my youtube channel, there is more but I can't share that yet :-).  I am allowed to keep some secrets don't I?

 Next page is the actual planner, on one page all dates and the things I needed to remember on the right some info just for me.  Also notice my notes are a mix of English and Dutch lol, it's strange but most of my personal stuf and my paying job stuff goes in Dutch and everyting Art related in English.

So while I was working with this journal I thought it would be nice to keep some memories in there too, and also decided the art for some monthly challenges I participate in, would get in this book too.
In January I went to a Green Day concert and the ticket is now in my journal

 February the month of my Birthday, and some important paying job dates.   I liked the tag concept so used it again.
 A theatre ticket to Carre in Amsterdam, the parking ticket and on the back of the ticket I wrote down some memories, just s short description of the theatre visit and walking through a snowy Amsterdam in the evening (you should try it, it's beautiful)
 A card from the restaurant wehere we had my birthday dinner,  and on the right page prompts for the challenges I do monthly, see below the result.

 thereis a video about this page here

Also I attended an on line course called "de Betekenaar" in which you learn to make things clearer using drawings rather than words, It was a 4 day trial and I decided to do the lessons in my book.

the tag thing again....
and some cards I found in my craftroom

March....along the way I decided to keep out as much of my paying job stuff as possible, this has become my Agenda, meets Art Journal, meets diary book and I decided it's for the fun stuff only (most of it anyway, you will still see some important stuff notes in there like we needed to vote March 15 th, and I had to do my annual blood test needed for the medicines I take)

Not a lot else there , just the usual monthly deadlines for my DT's and challenges, a schedual for posting on my you tube channel. I hope in future there will be more art related things in there, more like Seth pages about demoing and workshops. Well who knows one day, like the cover says Dream Big Never Quit......

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