Monday, May 9, 2016

travel journal

I had bought a new sketch book to use as travel journal for our vacation in USA , the book had blank canvas covers so I used Deco Art prosucts to decorate them

Products used:
 Deco Art Traditionsartist acrylics in : Phthalo Blue, Carbon Black, Opaque White, Naphtol Red.
Deco Art Traditons Satin Vasnish, Deco Art Media Crackle Glaze, Gesso, Antiquiging cream in Raw Umber. Deco Art Glas paint marker in Red, Deco Art stencils Andy Skinner, have yuor say and Industrial Elements. Deco Art American Tribute amd Urban Ink : pride

first Gesso the covers, next use the stencils and the paints to decorate, late dry, add a layer varnish and use the crackle Glaze, when crackling is done use antiquing cream to brin our the crackle and wipe back till you like result. Next protect covers using 2 layers of varnish

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