Monday, April 18, 2016

Altered chocolate box

I have altered a chocolate box, these boxes used to have chocolate letters in them and they are sorta book shaped, unfortunately they are only availabel in shops in november and december for Sinterklaas. I saved the boxes of all the leters my famely has gotten in theirs shoes (yep Sinterklaas puts prezzies in your shoe)

There are before and after pictures, so you can see what the box looked like, cuz it is a typical Dutch thing i guess lol

 front of the book 

Inside of the book

Deco Art Media fluid acrylics in : Cobalt Turquoise hue, Quinacridome gold, Transparent yellow Iron Oxide, English Red Oxide, Paynes Grey, Pyrrole Red.
Antiquing cream in Carbon Black, Gesso, Matte Varnish.Deco Art Media Texture Sand paste,  Deco art Media Crackle paint and  Modeling Paste in black, Americana Weathered wood crackle medium, Americana acrylics in : Sand, Sable Brown, Mocha, Lamp Black, Traditional Burnt Umber, Sweet Mint, Snow White, Driftwood, Glazing Meium. Triple Thick Gloss Glaze, Elegant Finish Metallic Paint in Emperors Gold, Texture Fierro in Iron Black, Deco Art Metallic Lusttres in Iced Espresso, Gold Rush, Radiant Red, Copper Kettle, and Black Shimmer .
Andy Skinner Industrial stampset, Sizzix Thinlets mixed Media #2, Alterations embossing folder, Alterations: Elegant Flourishes, Heart Wings, Layered Wings, Tattered Florals, Vintage Cabinet Card, Mini Cabinet card, Sizzix Love Gears, Noor design gear dies.

Gesso all parts of the box inside and out , next die cut all all chipboard parts, the wings, heart flowers etc. and gesso them too.

Treat the winkgs and the top part of the heart and  the tray inside the box with the Andy Skinner rust technique. The flowers and Flourishes, small hearts and gears need layers of metallic lusttres to create the metal look, some need a base layer of black paint, the small gears were made of black cardstock so just the lustres work on them.

Make a mask out of the thinlet dies and use modeling paste to make the flourishes on the left top and right bottom of the cover

Paint the outside of the box in emperors gold, let dry and add weathered wood. When dry use a puff made out of papertowel and dabb Americana acrylic in Sand, Mocha and Sadle brown in circular motion to create a marble effect.Work fast and don't put on too much paint because you want the gold to show through in the crackle.
this is the back, you can see what the effect needs to look like when finished

Next make a glaze of Tradtional burnt umber and glazing medium, add to cover and remove before completly dry using a paper towel, play with it till you like the result. next add black to the glaze and use a tooth brush (an old one ofcourse lol) to splatter some paint on the cover. Varnish when paint is dry.

use metallic lustre and a sponge to add some gold to the modeling paste flourishes

 the tag can be opened and I handwrote this sentiment on the inside

the inside on the left is made using patterned papers and the right side is cardboard painted in Drift wood and sweet mint, used the Andy skinner stamps to get the aged effect and added soem text stamp
The letter are wood, also rusted with the Andy Technique.  The frame is the cabinet card die the small and the big one , used several layers to create depth, and covered it in Texture Fierro.
The inside of the frame is painted in Sand and has XO's stamped on it, also used the crackle stamp by Andy Skinner to give it a crackle effect.

the hearts ar rusted wire, they where send to me by a friend, so no idea where they can be bought.

Next assemble the book and decorate the front.

Rust the wings and used red media fluid and crackle paint to paint and crackle the heart, use antiquing cream to get the crackles out and protect with triple thick gloss glaze.

Glue all die cuts to the book

try to make the side look a bit like pages using gold and traditional burnt umber paint 

I will enter this in the Dare to Create Skinzapfel challenge on facebook here:

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  1. Lovely project Monique! I think I have a similar chocolate box somewhere in the depths of my stash that I've beens saving to use. Now I MUST find it! LOL