Saturday, March 26, 2016

Dream Catcher Journal page and a tutorial video

I have been having fun painting in my art journal, here is the result :-)

Gesso, Media Misters in Yellow Green, and Primary Yellow. Shimmer mister in Turquoise.
Media fluid acrylics in Pymole Red, Cobalt Tea Hue, Cobalt Blue hue. Traditions  artist acrylic paints in Carbon Black and Opaque White 

First imade the background (see process in link to video here, only use different colours misters but the idea is the same)

Next I sketched the dreamcatcher using a 6 b graphite pencil, and painted the colours in. For the feathers I started with grey and added a bit black and lighter grey and white to get the idea of fluffy feathers :-) (all mixed by the white and black traditions paint)

when paint was all dry I erased the remainin pencil lines and wrote the sentiment

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