Tuesday, December 8, 2015

christmas canvas

I made a small Christmas canvas, just for fun, I painted a funky Christmas tree and some snowflakes.

It turned out much cuter than I thought , I kinda like it.

Decoart product used: Americana acrylics in Red Alert, Snow White, Blue Grass Green. Matte Varnish, Gesso. Craft Twinkles inCrystal and Christmas red. Glamour dust glitter in  Ice Crystal. Paper efftects in Black Pearl. Traditions acrylic in Phtalo Blue and Red Violet. Decou Page Crystal Glitter

First I gessoed the canvas, let it dry and added some water to the Traditions paint in  Blue and Violet. I used the paint water mix to make the background,  The water makes it easier for the colours to mix a bit and makes the colours a bit lighter.

Next I used a glass paint marker in white to draw the x mas tree and coloured it white so I would have a white background to paint the tree on.  I also used the marker to draw the snowy hills the tree stands on.

Than I used the green to paint the tree and red and white  for the tree trunk. The snowflakes a dots made with a small paint brush and white paint. I mixed white with water to make the hills look more snow like (I wanted some of the blue and violet to shine through there). The snow also got a bit of Glamour Dust glitter paint in Ice Crystal.

I usde mattr varnish over the entire canvas at this point, because it would protect the painting so far just incase I needed to use a babt whipe in case I would mess up the decorating part of the tree :-)

I decorated the tree with red paint and added Craft Twinkles in Christmas red to give it a more xmassy look.

Next I added Craft Twinkles in christal all around the tree using a paint brush.

To make the tree stand out more I used paper effects in black pearl to outline the tree.  Let it dry

The words Peace and Joy are stamped using black archival in on paper,  I used red  distress ink to match the paper with the canvas.

The words were cut out and glued onto the canvas using Decou Page Crystal glitter. To finishe I gave the canvas another layer of Decou Page Crystal glitter

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