Monday, April 1, 2013

Mothersday gift

 Here a little easy to make gift idea, this one is for mothers day but I think it can be changed for any kind of gift, just change the digi.

The heart shaped box of chocolates had a sticker on it with the name of the chocolates, I removed that first. Pinted out the Rick St. Dennis MFA digi heart (which is available for only a limeted period of time on the Sparkle and Glitter Blog for
only 1.50 $), one big heart to put on the lid of the box and small ones to put on each chocolate.

Now you can cheat of course and colour the big heart first, then scan and print it smaller to put on the chocolates, but I chose to colour them all. Which was a bit hard cause they are so very small. Just sharpen your pencils very sharp and the colouring can be done (I don't have markers, but if you want to use markers, you might want to use the cheating methode cause maybe markers nibs are to big).
It's easy when finished colouring just cut the hearts out and glue the big heart on the lid and the small ones on the chocolate.

very simple but I like the result

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