Thursday, March 15, 2012

Mixed media mash up bloghop

Welcome to the mixed media bloghop by Smeared Ink.

I love mixed media, it is so much fun to start with a blanc canvas and start adding stuff, but sometimes it doesn't come out like you intended it to be. And sometimes it turns out a lot better than you thought, but this was not the case today ;-). I'll explain what I had in mind before I show you the pics.

I wanted to create a underwater scene with a mermaid and fish and waterplants and a fishnet. I bought some great paint the other day, that's called magic paint and I wanted to play with that also,so I thought the hardest part was done....

I started to cover the canvas with gesso, I put on a lot and brayerd it on what gave me the stucture I wanted. Let the gesso dry and added my magic paint, I have the magic paint in blue and green and both have a bit of gold in it that gives it a great shine.
The paint dried just in the water colour I wanted, so far so good. then the problems started....

Because of the structure on the canvas I could not stamp directly on it, but there is always tissue paper and mod podg ;-) I stamped the fish and the waterplants on the tissue paper but my mermaid stamp was a digi, and I can not print on tissue paper, so I decided to print the meremaid on printer paper colour her up and cut out and stick to the canvas and then put the stamped tissue paper over the whole canvas using mod podge, and this is the result

I am happy about how the fish came out but the mermaid disappeared a bit, if I had used a real stamp instead of a digi it would have turned out the way I wanted. (a lesson learned ;-) )

Sorry for the bad pics but is so shiny that is was impossible to take a pic without the glare.

Please visit all the blogs to see the gorgeous work of all these talented people and leave them a nice comment.

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  1. This is gorgeous! The fish look amazing, and that paint is beautiful.:)

  2. AWESOME - that paint is fantastic and I love the way the brayer background came out. I too have a problem with having not many rubber stamps, but I think your mermaid look fabulous and the fish are superb. Wonderful piece Monique xxx

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  4. This is just beautiful! The slight muting of the mermaid makes her look etherial. Fabulously GORGEOUS! xxD

  5. Monique I love your mermaid piece looks fantastic xx

  6. Wow MO!! This is so very beautiful, you did an awesome underwater scene! Everything turned out wonderful on your canvas! Wowzers GF!

  7. Monique... I think your canvas turned out awesome! I can see your mermaid! You did a beautiful job! Hugs and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  8. Wonderful creation! TFS!

  9. WOW your canvas is super amazing, love what you created!

  10. This is beautiful Monique..... the mermaid looks ghostly, very effective :)

  11. Monique this really is an amazing mixed media piece. The paint effect looks just like rippling water... gorgeous!
    oxo BDx

  12. Monique, your canvas turned out wonderfully. Love the texture you created with the gesso, yes - just like water. The mermaid looks awesome. The sea creature emerging from the shadows. Love it

  13. oh wow no I think that glare is awesome. makes it look like she is just under the water with the sun shining down on her. I think that makes it look so real. and your texture is perfect looks just like water. You did a great job. That pic rules and the glare is in the right spot. awesome.

  14. Why do I suddenly feel the urge to buy adult diapers? LOL! Stupid spammers!

    Monique, your piece is simply divine! The paint effects are brilliant and I love the texture created with the gesso. It totally looks like magical water! I agree with the others on the mermaid...hauntingly beautiful :) Great job, girl! You've totally inspired me!