Friday, October 28, 2011

31 days of halloween blog(s)hop #28

Before you read this Day 28 post I will have to warn you, it is a long post and there are many pics, but I hope you think it's worth reading it. Enjoy...

A special offer for you. Today only in my 31 Days of Halloween Shop of Horrors.

It's is something you all want and something you all need but, there is only ONE in stock.

So here is comes (drum roll).........

It's a box, painted with crackle paint in the colours: Blood Red and Death Black. On the lid of the box is a beautiful bat decoration.
But it's not just a box........

It is............


"Do I need this?" I hear you say.
Well better safe than sorry.....(don't say I didn't warn you)

What is inside this beautiful decorated wooden box? Please take a look inside

Okay a closer look

Inside this fabulous box is everything you need to determine and slay a vampire. Van Helsing used one of these.

Let's take a closer look at the content, first there is this:

A book that tells you everything you need to know about Vampire Slaying.

And there are other things you will need, such as:

A mirror (just to make sure your victim really is a vampire, we don't want to slay innocent people do we?).

A silver bullet (no gun included) this bullet will kill vampires as well as werewolves.
A crucifix (you know how to use that, if you don't, the book explains it all).

Garlic and Holy Water

The only thing I couln't fit into the box is the wooden stake, but there's a clever solution to that. Instead of just one stake the Vapire Slaying kit contains the Bram Strokers Stake Maker:

With this super sharp knife you can make as many stakes as you like. The Vampire Slaying for Dummies book contains a clear manual(pictures included) how to make and use a stake.

This box that is super easy to: store, carry and use can be yours for the paltry sum of 31,13 Euro (shipment not included).

Okay you 31 Days of Halloween fans, this of course is my day 28 project and it is NOT for sale. Because fridays are Smeared Ink days I used all Smeared Ink digis (a little bit batty).

The box was painted red first and then I used crackle medium and added the black. The Smeared Ink Digi Bat on the lid of the box was coloured red using distress ink. Then I put Versamark ink on top of the bat and clear embossing powder (melted it with heatgun). I added 3 layers of embossing powder and put the embossed bat image in the freezer (yes I mean that thing in your kitchen that makes ice) for 10 minutes. Get it out of the freezer and crack the bat the way you want.
See this pic for the after result:

Then you get a distress ink pad (I used walnut stain) and rub over the cracked bat (don't worry if it's going to look terrible messy) let dry a bit and rub the ink off the bat using a babywipe. (repeat the freezer and inking thing till you have the result you want). Glue the bat on the lid.
The iside of the box is coated with snake skin designer paper.

The little book is a maze book, made of 1 12x12 piece of designer paper (google " how to make a maze book" and you will find instuctions). The cover is the same paper as inside the box, the book is closed with a piece of lace ribbon (so this project will fit the Leather and Lace challenge at Smudgy Antics)

The little bottle of holy water is a small wine bottle, I made the label on it and filled the bottle with tap water. The Garlic jar already had this label on it (in fact it was the label that inspired me to make this project, LOL). I just added the bat and the "Anti Vampire" to the label.

The knife is my craft knife I just added the bat.

The mirror is my make up mirror and the bullet was a keychain hanger(It's my son's I had to give it back to him).

Sorry for the long, pic heavy post, but I hope you liked it, please visit the other Wicked bloggers and join the challenge at Smudgy Antics.

See you tomorrow for a much shorter day 29 ( I promise)


  1. This is so over the top!!! I LOVE IT!!!! You have thought of everything... It is so awesome... You MUST have worked on this for days!!! You Go Girl!!! YOU ARE AWESOME!!!! Wow!!!

  2. OMG!! OMG!! OMG!!! and HOLY SHIT!! yes I said it!

    this is ABSOLUTELY AMAZZZZZING!! so wonderful.
    I loved the cracked glass technique, people look at me crossed eyed when I tell them to put it in the freezer.

    Such a stunning work of love!!

    5 Zombie Fingers!!


  3. Completely awesome! Brilliant!:)

  4. Wonderful project and I loved all the pictures! So awesome!

  5. This is gobsmackingly AWESOME. LUV it. You must have worked for days on this. The bat is stunning and I love all the crackle finish :-D xxxx

  6. Oh I just loved every BIT of this! Too bad you're not selling it. I WANT one! FABULOUS! xxD

  7. Wow this is awesome I love it the bat looks stunning must try that. Love the box. Fantastic
    Luv Jane xxx

  8. faabulous! I totally love it!! If I didn't love vamps so much.. I'd want one!

  9. This is an absolutely amazing project!! You thought of everything the beginning vampire hunter needs to get started. One question - would the kit cost a little less with lower quality holy water?

  10. This is one of the coolest things EVER! All the ingredients are wonderful, the book for dummies makes me laugh and the crackle on the box... WOW!

  11. this is ABSOLUTELY AMAZZING!! So wonderful!!
    I love the cracked glass technique! I so love how you have decorated each item in your Vampire slaying box! This is just too much! You have really done a great job on this, and it must have took you a while to make all that stuff. I SO LOVE IT!!

  12. Gorgeous creation, one of the most creative and amaaaazing things i've ever seen, thanks for sharing with us at My Mum's Craft Shop Spooky time challenge, hope to see you again, Gaynor DT :)

  13. STUNNING! FANTASTIC! AMAZING!!!!! nuff said, except thanks for the tip about the ice box :)