Monday, March 30, 2015

The Buddha experiment

DECO ART Products used : Americana Acrylic Gesso, Americana Acrylic paint in colours: Lamp Black, Lilac, Indian Turquoise, Sea breeze. Crackle Texture, Metalic Lustres in Fab Fuchsia and Brillliant Turquoise.

I had seen these plastic Buddha wanddecorations in the store a few times, and I

kept thingking ther must be a way to make them look better. So I bought 3 different Buddha's and started to play with my Deco Art goodies.

This is the kind of Buddha deco I started with
It's thin shiny plastic that was supposed to look like metal, but screamed metal all over,

I took a canvas, gessoed it and glued the plastic Buddha on. the Buddha was smaller than the canvas and to hide the edges I added Texture  Crackle  over the plastic edges and the the rest of the canvas. It was a thick layer of Crackle Texture, so let it dry overnight.

When dry I applied a layer of gesso the plastic Buddha. Let Dry again. Next layer was Lamp Black, painted the whole canvas black and made sure the black went into the cracks.

Then I started to add the other Americana Colors with a paint brush and a sponge to give it a bit of an aged look.

The Buddha was painted Indian Turquoise.  When paint was dry I added the Metallic Lustre to the Buddha, started with Brillliant Turquoise, next was the Fab Fuchsia, onlu put on the raised parts.

Also added some on the crackle paste, just a bit to give it some shine.

The quote wass tamped on painted cardboard and glued to the canvas.

I like how it turned out.


  1. I LOVE how this turned out! Fabulous!

  2. Well.. your experiment is succeeded! I love the way it turned out.

  3. Love this! Fabulous make looks so much richer now! :)