Friday, April 25, 2014

just some coloring

hi all

haven't been doing much projects lately, I do have some ideas, now I just need more time LOL

anyway I did do a lot of colouring so thought to just show you just the coloured images that haven't made it into a project yet.  All images are Rick St. Dennis Digi stamps

some fantasy stuff, the Crazy Queen of Hearts and Malificent, and the Insane Hatter

I did some mermaids which I really loved colouring and it's nice to colour some non creepy stuff every now and then you can find all these mermaids and some more here

then there were some cute monsters,you can find these and a lot other cute monsters here

 an easter bunny (yeah I know a bit late) but in case you need one he is here
 the good old scary stuff LOL , meet Chaos
 and zombie trojan (for some reason he is not in the store, but maybe one day)

 Glinda the good I love the ways she looks, I coloured her using my Derwent pencils, less bright but seems to fit the image perfectly
 a Pierrot  called Etoile (love his suit, colouring all the folds in his suit was so fun)

Most of these images are also available in Rick's etsy here. And for the rubber lovers, Malificent, and fwiver will be in rubber soon, at I Brake for Stamps, (there will be a lot more RSD images available in rubber there soon)


  1. Hoi Monique, ze zien er allemaal stuk voor stuk ontzettend gaaf uit! Dank je wel voor de inspiratie, en jouw projectjes zullen snel volgen... tijd te kort... het fenomeen ken ik maar al te goed... :)

  2. I love your fabulous colouring Monique, and I have fallen in love with Rick's artwork big time! I adore his images, I haven't tried the spooky stuff yet, but I'm sure the nearer we get to Halloween I will give some thing a go! I love the Easter bunny you coloured, and the bright tones on dr coppelius, and of course the stunning Pacifica, sigh xx

  3. Outstanding inspiring, Monique. Your eye for colour combinations and your shading and highlighting are phenimenal and bring Rick's amazing characters to life. I'm also so impressed with the range of your colour cute as beautifully as you do creepy. I especially love the ones where the clothing have lots of!

  4. Monique, your coloring is superlative, and just as Bonnie above comments, you easily navigate between the beautiful and the bad! I tend to shy away from the dark side, as my personal preference has always been to the beautiful and fashionable, but I may have to try coloring a witch or two LOL!