Sunday, November 30, 2014

cool heat gun

My heat gun was covered in paint spatter, inks, mists and not nice and clean looking

I was working with the Deco Art Media misters and some or it got on my heat gun a few weeks ago. Seemed it was gonna be on there foreve eventhough plastic is not the first you think of using the misters.

So I thought to just give it a try,

Looks pretty cool huh?

if you want to try this, unplug the heatgun, mist a basecoat of the  Americana sealer/ finisher let dry and take out the Americana Media Misters out and spray away.

Let dry overnight, make sure it is really dry before you switch the heatgun on again. To prodtect the paint spray another layer of Sealer . Finisher (let dry before starting the heatgun again)

I've used mine a lot since painted and it the paint is still in good condition, no problems with the heat.  If you do this you will probably have a warranty problem so think about that first before you get your misters out.  People have been asking me if Dylussions also work, I haven't tried, but since they are more translucent and have are totally different from the Deco Art Media misters I don't think it will work.

 colours used

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  1. Well.. I like it... My heatgun is pink.. Yuch... I don't like pink... I might give it a go with my paints.. LOL.